How to get a personal loan without collateral

The only way to get a person does not get enough financial support for additional money, demanded by a financial institution, a purchase or an investment, for a personal unsecured loan. An unsecured loan is one that is solely based on the borrower’s credit and other intangible assets, rather than a secured loan backed by a guarantee. With good research and awareness of the financial services practices used today, anyone has the opportunity to obtain a personal loan without collateral.



1 Identify your need for a personal loan. To get a better chance of getting the loan you want, you should be able to specify why you need the loan, or for home improvements, financing a vehicle or as a small investment business. The ideal would be to provide the financial institution with a good initial payment that reduces the amount you need to borrow.

  • 2 Check your credit history. This is one of the most important points if you want to get a personal loan without collateral. As mentioned earlier, these loans are almost entirely based on your credit history, as the lender attempts to protect your investment with evidence that is capable of paying. The company “George Lee Company” or FICO holds a credit rating system used to calculate the solvency of each consumer. Look for your credit score and if it’s less than 600, you need to look for ways to increase it.
  • 3 Investigate interest rates. Before asking for a borrowed money institution, find out what interest rates are being handled and even when you can pay interest. A higher interest rate means more debt over time. If you want to sign a loan that ultimately benefits you, you need to set the maximum interest rate you can pay.
  • 4 Keep your options open, try to gather as much information as possible from different financial entities. The search for a wide range of financial institutions willing to provide loans is the best way to determine who is willing to give you the best. The more you investigate, the more informed you will be regarding unsecured personal loans. See what’s the best interest rate.
  • 5 Consider the possibility of obtaining an endorsement. People who do not have assets for a secured loan often seek a financial guarantee to reduce interest rates on an unsecured personal loan. The guarantee agrees to use your good credit history “answer” by the borrower, allowing lower interest rates. However, the guarantee can also be responsible for the debt in case of non-payment, so it is a sensitive matter and not everyone does. You need to be with anyone who might like the idea and try to be very clear about the specific terms of your loan.



  • Be careful with the terms of your loan. The reality is that many borrowers use less solvent borrowers to generate extremely high interest rates by capturing consumers in a cycle of debt. There are new government initiatives aimed at controlling and regulating unscrupulous lending practices, but for now, all consumers are mainly on their own to recognize the characteristics of a scam.
  • – Never accept a “monthly payment” without specifically asking what your interest rate will be, and if the interest rate will increase during the term of the loan. always ask for an explanation of the loans that are not a fixed rate, where payment of your loan can suddenly jump to include an astronomical amount in the future.

Loans Between Individuals: What are the Risks and How to Avoid them?

Most of the people in their lives have found themselves in the situation of having to borrow money or lend a sum of money to a friend, a brother, a son or a relative, often without thinking of drafting a contract for better protect yourself.

Technically these cases fall within the definition of “private loan”, which is a legal operation and required by law through the possibility of entering into a specific contract that protects both parties involved. This should make private lending a completely safe transaction, but there are still some risks of private lending that should be taken into consideration before lending or borrowing money from individuals. Helping a friend or a relative in difficulty financially, in fact, is a generous gesture, but must be done consciously to avoid being in an unpleasant situation, especially if the sum lent is considerable.

Risks of loans between individuals: attention to fraud and loot

In the event that you find yourself borrowing money from someone you do not know well or do not know at all, especially if contacted through some website, it is a good idea to pay close attention to the data you provide. to be sure not to entrust sensitive data to unsafe hands.

When there is an urgent need for money, there is also the risk of ending up in bad hands: it is always appropriate to understand who you are applying for a loan and, in case of doubt, prefer a credit institution or a financial institution, which almost surely they will know how to find a solution that’s right for you. A loan contracted with the wrong person, in fact, is often the beginning of a real personal and family tragedy.

Loan between individuals: check the interest rates

Loan between individuals: check the interest rates

When the loan between individuals also provides for the payment of interest, it is good to be informed and check that the proposed interest rate is within the threshold rates set by the Bank of Italy. If the rate is higher you are facing someone who is trying to take advantage of your hard time; that is, to configure itself as a crime of usury.

Loan between individuals: the risk of insolvency

When you need a large or small amount of money to make an urgent source of unexpected expenses, the first thing that often comes to mind is to turn to family or friends. Lending money to a loved one in trouble is undoubtedly an admirable gesture, but what to do in case of insolvency? This situation can lead to the creation of an unpleasant situation in the family or with friends. Also in this case the best solution would be to protect yourself with a written contract valid for all purposes.

Loans between individuals: how to protect yourself?

Loans between individuals: how to protect yourself?

Often, being a loan between friends or relatives, the bureaucratic formalities are neglected, relying solely on an oral guarantee or a handshake. Unfortunately, however, in many cases this way you lose the chance to recover your money in case of insolvency of the debtor.

It is therefore always better to formalize the loan between individuals, to protect both parties involved, with a contract that establishes the terms and times of disbursement and repayment of the loan.

Contract for a loan between individuals: how it should be stipulated

The ways in which a loan can be signed and formalized between individuals also change according to the relationship between the two parties, but in general these three types of stipulations are used:

  • loan with private writing
  • loan with bills
  • social lending through dedicated online platforms

In any case, the contract for a loan between individuals, to be stipulated always in duplicate, should always contain these data:

  • the personal data of the subjects involved: name and surname, date of birth and social security number
  • the amount of the sum paid, clearly written
  • the methods and timing of the repayment of the loan, including any penalties for late payment
  • if foreseen, the interest rate that will be applied
  • the express wording of a loan contract pursuant to art. 1813C.C.
  • the date and the autograph signatures of the parties involved on each page of the contract

If the amount loaned or borrowed is substantial, however, it is advisable to assist an expert and also to use the presence of two witnesses who can sign the contract at the bottom.

Which types for a loan between individuals?

Among the many items to report on the contract stipulated for a loan between individuals, it is also necessary to indicate the type, which can be:

  • fruitful, that is, which provides for an agreed interest rate
  • non-interest bearing, when no interest is expected
  • personal, ie when the beneficiary does not specify the intended use of the loan
  • finalized, when instead a precise use of the sum paid is foreseen.

Loans And Fast Loans Online Without a Payroll

TongaBank Rapid Loans, One of the most Attractive Options of the market

There are hundreds of possibilities when looking for urgent loans or quick loans, but if you want to make the best decision you should analyze not only the final cost but also other important factors. In the balance sheet, TongaBank presents one of the most interesting microcredits available today.

The deadlines and the total cost are important aspects to consider in personal loans, but there are other points to assess, since the conditions and characteristics differ between the different companies and being able to define which is the best quick credit available will always depend on the profile of the client.

TongaBank’s online loans are an outstanding option in the market due to its accessibility, benefits for new clients and an excellent payment term. In addition, this company has a loyalty program that qualifies users according to the fulfillment of dates and other issues, so that you can accumulate points that will be transformed into better future opportunities with larger credits and better conditions.

Attributes of TongaBank’s urgent loans

Attributes of TongaBank

Among the characteristics of TongaBank minicréditos excels a fixed fee of 5 euros for new customers seeking urgent money and a maximum of 300 euros per request. In case of being a client with a history in the company, the maximum reaches 600 euros, One of the strengths of TongaBank in the framework of online microcredits is the time available to the customer to pay the loan, with 60 days to meet the return of cash. This specification doubles the 30-day average offered by most physical and online companies to their customers. In case of not being able to comply with the return of the money in two months, you can request up to two extensions or 15 days with a cost of 15 euros each, so the maximum period can reach 90 days, enough time to meet your payment obligations on a quick credit with these particularities.

Another advantage of TongaBank’s online loans is that if you are a client with a history in the company (that is, from the second quick credit onwards), if you complete the refund of the money before the maximum deadline established, There will be an early amortization that will reduce the total amount since you will only have to pay the percentage interest according to the time elapsed.

Requirements and approval of personal loans from TongaBank

The stipulations of the mini-credits in this company do not differ too much from the industry average. As for documents or personal requirements, these relate to the age of majority, residence in Spain, access to a mobile phone and provision of a bank account and a debit card. If you are looking for one of TongaBank’s quick loans you must show recurring income either through an active labor relationship, a pension or a regular benefit.

As for the people who are on a list of Financial Credit Institutions, there is no predefined parameter on the facilities or determinations that you have for such requests. In practice, TongaBank studies the applications and makes a decision, but does not reveal the reasons for a rejection. The truth is that by meeting the personal requirements and general financial conditions, the company defines and gives you the verdict in a few minutes.

Once you present yourself to TongaBank with the necessary documents and requirements, the entity usually sends you the agreed money in a matter of 15 minutes, so you will have the cash available quickly. If the request is made during the weekend, the delivery time can be extended a little more for technical reasons but never goes beyond 48 hours.

Conclusion on TongaBank mini quick credits

It is often difficult to find a good option when you need urgent money due to an emergency situation, a specific purchase or a quick solution, but in the case of TongaBank you have a very interesting opportunity with a balance between the cost, comfort, flexibility and deadlines, especially for new clients. On the contrary, the lack of clarity about the influence of the Financial Credit Institutions lists reduces the process’s fluidity and clarity.

TongaBank’s online credits are some of the most outstanding products on the market since they present the conditions accurately and honestly without trying to involve users in future problems, besides offering many notable advantages and that their less attractive points are minimal in comparison to the offers of other companies.

As you know, quick loans are a personal decision for specific moments, but TongaBank makes things easier for you with a longer term than the competition, favorable general conditions and a loyalty program that rewards and rewards your clients for future credits with better specifications.