73 years later, the Urdu discourse returns to Jama Masjid Chowk | Hyderabad News

Hyderabad: The Jama Masjid Chowk at Murgi Chowk near Charminar, built over 200 years ago, returned to Friday’s Urdu speech 73 years after stopping service in the local language.
Shortly after the “Operation Polo” of September 1948 which led to the merger of the state of Hyderabad with the Indian Union, the mosque built during the period of Sikandar Jah, Nizam III, shut down Urdu service. and was limited to Arabic sermons. This was done to avoid controversy given the political conditions then prevailing. The mosque, known as the Chowk-ki-Masjid, revived the Urdu speech on the first Friday of Moharrum, the first month of the Islamic calendar, this year. Devotees praised this initiative because the Urdu speech will help them keep abreast of socio-economic and educational issues in the community.
Chowk-ki-Masjid is one of two historic mosques in Hyderabad where the Friday sermon (Khutba) is delivered in Arabic without speech (bayan) in Urdu. The other mosque is Mecca Masjid.
After the leadership of Chowk-ki-Masjid reintroduced the speech in Urdu, the State Council of the Waqf also plans to do the same in Mecca Masjid.
The Friday sermon preceding the midday congregational prayers is divided into two parts. Both parts are delivered in Arabic. But since people in India do not understand Arabic, the Friday sermon is preceded by a speech in Urdu or regional language. As for the Telugu states, the Arabic sermons for every Friday of a year were selected by the ecclesiastical (religious) department of the government of Nizam almost 100 years ago. They are simply repeated even now, when Urdu speech is largely based on current topics.
The Chowk-ki-Masjid steering committee felt that devotees attending Friday prayers are denied the benefit of knowing about religion and the social, cultural and educational issues that plague the main minority community, as none of them does not follow what is said in Arabic. About 2,000 people attend Friday prayers in the mosque and in the absence of speeches in Urdu, many of them only show up moments before the congregation’s namaz.
“We discussed the matter at length and finally decided to reintroduce Urdu speech for the benefit of devotees. Since the relaunch of the Urdu service seven weeks ago, the response from devotees has been quite encouraging. They arrive at the mosque early enough to listen to the Urdu speech. Mufti Mohammad Haneef Quadri of Jamia Nizamia was hired for bayan or speech in Urdu, ”said Syed Asim Ahmad, member of the management committee.
Asim Ahmad said the mosque has opened a library for the benefit of students. It also plans to organize training courses for competitions and public exams. The chairman of the mosque committee, Munawar Hussain, offered incentives to poor and deserving students.
Waqf board chairman Mohammad Saleem told TOI he will take steps to reintroduce Urdu service to Mecca Masjid, as thousands show up at the nearly old mosque. 400 years for Friday prayers.