A teenager accused of religious conversion detained | Kanpur News

Kanpur: Police arrested a teenager on Sunday who, along with two other people, was charged with forced religious conversion.
The arrest was made following a complaint from a local resident about whom residents had paraded an electric rickshaw shooter through the streets and publicly assaulted him on August 11.
Police are looking for two other people on the run, including a relative of the rickshaw puller. Before the incident of August 11, a complaint for indecent assault and SC / ST act was filed against the accused.
As a reminder, a resident of Kacchi Basti eight had accused three neighbors including a minor of 16, besides Saddam and a Mukul of having attacked her daughter and having her converted for 20,000 rupees.
The police had registered a case on July 31, but in the absence of evidence during the preliminary investigation, the police did not deposit a conversion section in the FIR.
To protest against this, local activists then created a ruckus as Ram Gopal passed Kachchi Basti in Barra on Wednesday evening.
When Afsar, a relative of one of the attackers passed by with a seven-year-old girl, the rowdy activists dragged and severely beat him. Later, a video of the incident also went viral. In the video, Afsar’s underage daughter was seen desperately trying to save him and hold on to him. The police later rescued Afsar and took him to the police station.
Barra police had filed an FIR against a local man, who heads an alliance, his son and a dozen strangers, based on a complaint filed by the assaulted man Afsar Ahmed.
Police later informed that the three main defendants were arrested on the night of August 12 in connection with the August 11 assault and humiliation incident with Afsar Ahmed, an E rickshaw driver, in the Barra district of the city. On August 13, three more people were arrested while three defendants arrested earlier were released on bail.
Inspector Barra Harmeet Singh said a 16-year-old accused in the assault case was arrested and after being presented to the Juvenile Justice Council he was sent to the children’s home. “The searches for two other defendants in the case, Mukul and Saddam, are ongoing,” he added.