Adults have the right to choose their partner, regardless of religion, says Allahabad HC

The Allahabad High Court, while granting protection to an interfaith couple, reaffirmed that two adults have the right to choose who they marry, regardless of their religion.

The bench composed of judges Manoj Kumar Gupta and Deepak Verma adopted the order on a petition filed by Shifa Hasan and his Hindu partner. The petitioners said they were in love with each other and lived together on their own accord, but faced a threat to their lives.


What did the bench say?

The court granted protection to the interfaith couple and said that even their parents cannot oppose their relationship.

“It is undeniable that two adults have the right to choose their marital partner regardless of the religion they profess,” said the judiciary.

“As this petition is a joint petition of two individuals who claim to be in love with each other and are of legal age, therefore, in our opinion, no one, not even their parents, could object to their relationship”, the court said. Thursday, according to Bar and Bench.


Who filed the petition?

The petition was presented by a Shifa Hasan and her partner – both residents of Uttar Pradesh – claiming that they are in love with each other and live together on their own accord. Hasan, in that petition, said she also filed a request to convert from Muslim to Hindu as a result of which the district magistrate requested a report from the relevant police station, according to the bar and bench report.

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Why did she file the petition?

In the plea, Hasan said her father was okay with the marriage and therefore feared there was a threat to their lives. The court, as such, granted them protection while clarifying that the order is not a final opinion as to the age of the applicants, as the findings are prima facie only for the purpose of deciding the claim. question of the protection of the applicants’ lives.