aimplb: AIMPLB invites articles, articles for its journal on law, religious affairs | India News

LUCKNOW: The All-India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has invited research papers and papers from authors from all walks of life, also encouraging non-Muslim authors, for its law journal – Journal of Law and Religious Affairs (JLRA ).
The council said the test of a healthy democracy lies in the “feelings” and “experiences” of its minorities, and any “misplaced” judgments or legislation affecting the religious autonomy of minorities can invoke the feeling of insecurity and skepticism in the larger minority consciousness.
“In recent times, socio-political developments in India have led to escalating anxieties due to religious discord, compromised biopolitics and abuse of law, diminished sense of security among minorities, especially Muslims , Christians and Dalits at the receiving end,” the AIMPLB said.
In this context, the JLRA invited submissions related to, but not limited to, 15 themes. Some of them include religion, religious institutions and the state, targeted injustice, riots, gender justice, Islamic jurisprudence, test of judiciary as guardian of conscience, symbolism and appeasement politics, religion and international law, the constitution, constitutionalism and personal law and a host of other topics.
The deadline for submission is April 15, and articles, research papers, essays, book reviews, photographic materials ranging from 800 to 12,500 words can be submitted.
“Authors from India and other countries are eligible to submit and ‘non-Muslims’ who seek to present compelling academic arguments are especially encouraged to submit,” the AIMPLB said.
JLRA, a peer-reviewed, open-access, bilingual, semiannual journal in English and Urdu, was launched in December 2021.