Anupam Kher enjoys this Tibetan dish popular in Nepal; Guess what it is

Anupam Kher jumped into the travel van again! He recently returned to India after a long tour through the United States of America, concluding the shooting of his next film ‘Shiv Shastri Balbao’. Now he is traveling to another country; however, this time he decided to stay in the Indian subcontinent! Guess where is he? He is in Nepal and indulges in delicious Tibetan cuisine. The 66-year-old actor keeps his 4.5 million Instagram followers updated on his recent travels through a series of Instagram videos. In his recent videos, we can see two plates full of steaming hot momos accompanied by a bowl of piping hot clear soup and a little chutney. Looked:

Momos are served with chutney and broth.


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While momos are synonymous with street food in Delhi, many people are unaware that they were founded by the Newars of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. These delicious steamed dumplings have become an Indian favorite and we lovingly accepted them into our kitchen. Indians usually eat momos with a spicy red chutney, but in Anupam Kher’s video we see them enjoying momos the Nepalese way. In the Kathmandu Valley, the traditional way to serve momos is to use a watery soup / broth called jhol et achar which has the consistency of chutney.

If looking at Anupam Kher’s Instagram story has made you hungry for momos, then we’ve got a fun and delicious idea for you. Why not make momos at home? To make momos, you will need to make the filling of your choice, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, then use a maida-based dough to make the dumplings.

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Click here for the step-by-step Veg Momos recipe.

If you are a fan of momos, let us know in the comments section which one do you prefer – the vegetarian momos or the chicken momos?

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