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Last week, our attention on this page has been focused on finding solutions to our security challenges. So many solutions offered in line with the known tradition of our release on this page. We don’t just pick flaws to find mistakes, the intention has always been to provide viable answers to our initial challenges. The media have done it, but the problem, and many of us consider it to be the biggest problem, those who should choose the advice and use it, unfortunately, do not read the newspapers or watch the broadcasts television at any time.

They are hooked to their world, mostly a world of hedonism, drinking, chatting and wasting useful working hours with friends. Some of us have been of the opinion that any brilliant leader could show very impressive performance in public office just by reading or watching the news on television and picking the brains of others. Our leaders see no sense in this enterprise. Their reckoning is all about contracts, buddies, and money. This is one of the main reasons why we are where we are in terms of developing our space, part of the reason why the security situation has continued to grow from bad to worse and worse to worse. worse.

Last week, the prescriptions, if one were to comment, were solid. Make the security issue an emergency and national project, not by marking out our roads with checkpoints thus increasing the points of extortion, but by attaching the seriousness necessary to such a matter and by getting all citizens to join. Since our successive governments at all levels began battling the scourge of insecurity, we have yet to hear of a multi-party summit. Citizens hardly report criminal figures in their area not because they are afraid of the handling of given information, but the majority do not know what their responsibility is in this regard.

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The National Orientation Agency (ANO) is dead. Many of us know that governments can solve crimes through the tool of public enlightenment. Some security incidents are the fallout from the deliberate actions of political leaders. This was so even before independence. A few weeks ago, one of our political leaders who wants to be elected president did not find the courage to condemn the murder of a Christian girl by an Islamic mob that happened in Sokoto. This is the level that our leadership class has taken us to. It left us with a shaky society, on the verge of falling and breaking.

No one talks about democratization of security and political restructuring even when that is what we agreed to at independence. The North which has insisted on these conditions today is resisting them because military intervention in our bodily politics has conferred power advantages on its side. Today, they adore unitarism and when pushed, they talk about community policing without even giving it free rein. The consequences are there and absolutely patently clear to anyone who cares to see for the sake of seeing. Not a day goes by without barbarians killing citizens in the most gruesome ways.

Militias posing as shepherds brought from the Sahel region are all over the country and causing chaos. Every day, the government at the center responsible for security is busy issuing condolences and does so to the point that it has no more words to use. Divisions have deepened, yet we have said to each other who insist that religious and ethnic balance is not an important issue. One of them is Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna State. His state has been a hotbed of ethnic and religious crisis since independence. It was therefore expected that whoever manages the state would do everything to respect the delicate line of demarcation.

This governor saw no walk in the way, he got rid of a Christian deputy governor and made him Muslim-Muslim. Since then, the Christian side has had enough. The governor denies a correlation between his act and the negative developments he refused to encourage. He may be right in that Christians in the state and country remained calm when this happened. No power relationship. If he knew there might be consequences, there would be restraint. A Christian MP would know the workings of government and relate to his people just as he would open the perspective of his people in its raw form to his principal and good solutions would be developed and applied.

This is why el-Rufai failed miserably in Kaduna and now wishes to export the same model to the new federal government which should have among its first responsibilities, if it wins, the daunting task of reversing the negative consequences of the ethno disposition. / nun of the outgoing administration. by Muhammadu Buhari. ef-Rufai and others like him insist on religious and ethnic balance in our governments and so it shouldn’t matter. They are new merit converts, but they have not advocated merit as the basis for public servant recruitment, promotions and admissions. Therein lies the hypocrisy. Double standards.

They push and do what they want because they are well aware that there is no balance of power anywhere. The Southeast which offered minor resistance is easily broken for various reasons. The South West which always packs some power always expects to find the crumbs and that is enough. The Northern political force dominated All Progressives Congress (APC) knows it owes the South West a debt, but it was a debt it was unwilling to pay until it realize that fighting the Yoruba and Igbo at the same time would keep their hands very full, so they made giving away the presidential candidate a favor.

Still, if someone with keen eyes sees the composition of the crowd behind Tinubu and compares it with those following Buhari, it would be clear that the North isn’t letting go. He will be crossed out even further in the name of national unity and ultimately may not receive the level of reciprocal support he expects. It may be that what they give with their left hand they take with their right hand. This atmosphere occurs because they see no balance of force anywhere. The Southeast is down. The final blow was dealt by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) who told Ndigbo that you can win the presidential ticket but our people will not vote for your son, you can only get it when we are done and decided to seize the opportunity.

If there was a balance of power, the posture would be very different. Our country today is in the throes of change. The security situation has taken on a frightening dimension. Christian communities and gatherings are increasingly under attack. It is happening and even the authorities have not clearly identified who is behind it. Worse, the leaders of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) have become politicians. They lost direction and focus. Compromising relationships took the fire out of them. They should be dissolved. Their inactivity has emboldened the criminals. After each attack, they just stand up and cry. Where Did Crying 4 Fix Problems? Emotions don’t solve challenges, actions do.

We have rich examples in Australia and New Zealand, which are very recent. Islamic fundamentalists threatened Christian worshippers, attacked and killed them, the government was unable to stem the ugly tide. Church leaders came up with a very simple solution: arm some members and position them in strategic places among the congregants. When the barbarians arrived and none were left alive, the madness dissolved at the speed of light. Before anyone thinks this is incitement to violence, we should know that self-defence is sufficiently provided for in our laws.

Articles 49 and 50 are numerous on this subject. If mauraders are against you, you have the right to get a weapon to defend yourself and the same for other groups. The other day, the natives of two local government areas in Abia State poured into the bushes to smoke out the criminals who had made life such a terrible nightmare in the area. It should be. It is amazing how governors play dumb, stay and watch their people kidnapped, abused, ransomed and many more killed in the most brutal way by outsiders from the Sahel region. This level of abdication of responsibility is inexplicable.

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