Be proud of India’s rich history and tradition, Sinha to NU students | Nagpur News

Nagpur: Rajya Sabha MP Rakesh Sinha on Wednesday urged Nagpur University students to be proud of India’s rich history, heritage and tradition. While citing examples of old universities like Taxashila and Nalanda, the BJP leader called on UN officials to make an effective contribution to the education sector.
He was speaking during the celebrations for the 98th founding of NU held in his convocation room. Due to the restrictions induced by Covid, the feature was hosted in online mode and was streamed live to students and NU employees on social media platforms.
The university awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” to renowned artist Chandrakant Channe and President of Solar Industries Satyanarayan Nuval, a well-known industrialist from Vidarbha. The two dignitaries were invited to the venue where Vice Chancellor Subhash Chaudhari and pro-VC Sanjay Dudhe honored them with the awards. Registrar Raju Hiwase also shared the stage.
In addition to the students and employees of NU, Board of Management Member Vishnu Changde, Senate Member Manmohan Bajpayee and Director of Student Welfare Abhay Mudgal were also honored for their significant contribution to the welfare of students at the time of Covid.
Speaking on the occasion, Channe said he had lived his life as a parent of over 1.5 lakh of college students and it made him feel like the richest man on the planet. . He added that accepting a teaching position was the most wonderful thing that has happened to him in his life. Nuval asked students to make honest efforts in any area they wish to pursue in order to be successful in life.