Communal clashes erupt over interfaith love affair

On Thursday, August 11, Karnataka Police imposed Section 144 in the village of Hulihyder in Koppal district of Karnataka, after members of the two communities came face to face over an alleged romance. interreligious.

According to the police, two people, namely Pacha Walli (22) and Yenakapaa Talavad (60), died in the clashes and at least six others were injured as the two groups, armed with sticks and weapons, attacked each other. Several vehicles parked in front of the houses of the boy and a girl belonging to two different communities were also vandalized. Disbelievers also threw stones at several houses, breaking windows.

In what happened, a Hindu boy was in love with a Muslim woman. During a Muharram program, the boy went to meet the girl, after which an argument broke out between them. Soon other people from both communities joined them and started fighting.

Another policeman was quoted by the Hindustan Times: “A Valmiki boy and a Muslim girl were living together and had run away. Both are adults. We brought them back and handed them over to their respective families. But the girl came back and it created a lot of tension,” a police official from Kanakagiri police station said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

As the rowdiness broke out, the police arrived on the scene and took the situation under control. The Koppal subdivision officer imposed Article 144 in and two kilometers around the village until August 20. Eight police officers and a KSRP platoon were deployed as a precaution in the village. The schoolchildren were sent home after communal clashes in the village.

Koppal SP Arunangshu Giri, who visited the village and reviewed the situation, said: “Two people died and another seriously injured in the clashes in Hulihaidar village. Article 144 was imposed in the village. Bashavali had gone to a shop in the village where a war of words ensued which led to clashes.

“The situation is now under control as SPs, DySPs and other police are present on the ground,” the official said.