CPS: No hijab with student police cadet uniform: Kerala Government | India News

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The state government has rejected a Muslim student’s request to be allowed to wear the hijab (headscarf) with the uniform of the Cadet Police (SPC), a volunteer force led by the state police among school children.
While rejecting the petition on the basis of a High Court directive, the government said the uniforms should ensure the dignity of the police force dress code and are being considered so that children can work for justice in gender and non-racial and non-religious discrimination among children. “Combining religious affairs with uniforms in the current situation would raise the same demands in other forces operating in a similar fashion, which would call into question the discipline and secular survival of the forces,” the order issued by the co said. -Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior.
The petitioner, Riza Nahan, a Class VIII student of GHSS, Kuttiyadi, argued that the existing dress code relating to the SPC project is not in line with the religious beliefs of the Muslim community and therefore should be allowed to wear cadet uniforms in accordance with their community customs. The petitioner also argued that according to their beliefs, wearing the hijab and a long sleeved robe is a religious obligation and also constitutes her basic right as per Section 25(1) of the Constitution. The Claimant stated that it is a miscarriage of justice if she is prohibited from wearing the long-sleeved uniform and a hijab in a manner that does not violate SPC project discipline or the rights of others.
However, the police argued that the SPC project was started with the aim of training high school students to grow as future leaders of a democratic society by instilling in them respect for the law, discipline, civics, empathy for vulnerable sections of society and resistance. to social ills. “It also aims to create a society that respects and strongly believes in the rule of law, to create a generation that places the nation above all differences to become a constructive platform between police and students and take action as a feeder organization for the Kerala Police.As such, it was decided to have a similar police training program and uniform for the SPC project.In the Kerala Police, all police personnel wear the same uniform and no religious symbols are allowed in the uniform. The same system is also followed for the CPS,” police said.
He further stated that no religious dress code is allowed in other similar projects such as NCC or Boy Scouts and Guides. The uniform of the SPC should be beyond any religious mark as the training given under the SPC project is similar to that given to the Kerala Police, he said.