Decide If You Are a Religious Organization or a Party, Says Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan at IUML – The New Indian Express


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KANNUR: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was at his best during the last 15 minutes of his 90-minute inaugural address on Friday at the MPC’s Kannur District Conference, taking on the Muslim League of Indian Union (IUML ) who has been in place in arms against the government’s decision to hand over appointments to the Waqf board of directors to the Civil Service Commission (PSC).

“The Muslim League must first decide whether it is a political party or a religious organization,” Pinarayi said. “Who gave him the right to represent the entire Muslim community? The government is neither categorical nor particularly interested in the issue. Other Muslim organizations, including the Samastha and Kanthapuram group, are convinced of our intentions. Only the League is not. Who wants his consent? he said.

At the start of his hour-and-a-half speech, Pinarayi touched on several topics, including capitalism, class struggle, threats to secularism, the corporatization of the BJP-led NDA government at the Center, the collapse of the sector. audience and the weakening of Congress. When it started to look like a conference, the CM shifted gears.

“We will hold discussions with religious organizations before implementing the decision. So far, we haven’t made any decisions. Whatever the problems, they will be resolved through amicable discussions, ”Pinarayi said. “However, if the League starts to pass itself off as representatives of the entire Muslim community, we cannot accept it. Our party also has a considerable number of Muslims. Look at the DFL chart in neighborhoods like Malappuram. You can see the difference, ”he said.

“Weak cong to fight the BJP”

The CM said Congress would not be able to lead the fight against the NDA government as they share the same policies. “The locals do not approve of the idea of ​​Congress as an alternative force against the BJP. To form a united front against the BJP, regional parties from various states should unite, ”he said. He said left-wing politics are gaining importance and relevance in the national context.

SilverLine Project

Regarding the recent protests against SilverLine, the ambitious Rs 64,000 crore semi-high speed rail corridor project, Pinarayi said the UDF and BJP here have tried to tarnish the image of the government by using whatever it takes. ‘they can get. “Now they are protesting against the K-Rail project. Once completed, a person will be able to travel from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram in four hours. It will change the face of the state economy. However, they say it shouldn’t be implemented now. If not now, then when? ”He wondered.

League propagating Islamist terrorism: Kodiyeri

KANNUR: Like the RSS which propagates Hindutva terrorism, the Muslim League has also started to propagate Islamist terrorism, said CPM Secretary of State Kodiyeri Balakrishnan. Speaking to reporters at the CPM district conference venue in Madayi on Friday, he said the League is deliberately trying to create a community divide in society. It is the ideology of Jamaat-e-Islami who now leads the Muslim League.