Dhammapada Utsava in town May 14-15

Mysore/Mysore: Karnataka Buddha Dhamma Samithi and Bharatiya Buddha Mahasabha jointly organized ‘Dhammapada Utsava-2022‘ to mark the 2566th Buddha Purnima.

Revealing this at Pathrakartara Bhavan yesterday, Monk of Kollegal Jetavana Buddhist Monastery, Manorakkita Banteji said that Utsava will be held on May 14-15 for the first time in Mysuru at Sanjeevaiah Memorial Educational Institution, Vijayanagar from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

“The Dhamma is the truth. It gives the consciousness and the essential knowledge necessary for life. Dhammapada is the truth preached by Buddhists,” he added.

Stating that Buddhist preachings are collected in Tripitika, Manorakkita said that “Dhammapada belongs to a unit of Khuddaka Nikaya in Suttapitaka. There are 423 Gathas (Shloka) spoken in the Sermon of Buddha. All these Gathas will show the truth and contribute to the welfare of human beings. In view of the current problems related to politics, religion, economy and culture, the ideology of Buddha will be the best solution to resolve all the differences between people.

“It is important to spread the Buddha’s message of peace at a time when society was affected by hunger, poverty, inequality and communalism,” he said.

Several Buddhist monks including Manorakkita Banteji, Bodhirathna Banteji, Bodhidatta Banteji, Nyanaloka Banteji, Ananda Banteji, Buddha Ratna Banteji, Dhammapala Banteji, Bhodipriya Banteji and Gowthami Sheela Mata will participate in the Utsava.

The Utsava will be inaugurated on May 14 at 11 a.m. There will be 3 sermons each day and a total of 6 sermons in two days. 250 members can participate in the Utsava by registering online by filling out the Google form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScEA97E3Y4mKSamK2-s1-c_kgWiL4oxr7an_MnQB_jsK5Q6Zw/viewform). The first registered candidates will be given preference. For details, contact Mob: 94483-82333 or 79753-55125.

The Dhammapada Utsava poster was released on the occasion.

Samithi member KR Gopala Krishna, Mahasabha State General Secretary MS Shivraj, District Chairman of State Government Employees Association SC/ST Prof. K. Siddaraju and others were present at the press conference.