Don’t Arouse AAC Passions: Yogi Adityanath

Calling AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi “an agent of the Samajwadi party”, Uttar Padesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday threatened to take “strict measures” against those “who want to stir up passions again” about the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The CAA was promulgated by the BJP government at the Center to provide Indian citizenship to Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan who entered the country no later than December 31. 2014.

Addressing a meeting of BJP stand builders in Kanpur, the Chief Minister said: “Aaj main chetavni dunga us vyakti ko jo yahan by CAA ke naam by phir se bhavnaon ko bhadkaane ka karya kar raha hai. Aur chacha-jaan aur abba-jaan ke anuyayon se kahunga ki who saavdhan ho kar sun lein, agar pradesh ki bhavnaon ko bhadkaake mahaul kharab karoge à sakti ke sath sarkar nipatna bhi janti hai (Today, I caution the person who once again incites feelings on behalf of CAA. I would like to tell followers to chacha-jaan and abba-jaan listen carefully that if attempts are made to vitiate the state’s atmosphere by inciting feelings, the state government will treat it strictly).

The chief minister had sparked a controversy in September by using “abba-jaan“- the Urdu term for father – saying that the rations given out by the previous state government went to those who say”abba-jaan”.

Har vyakti jaanta hai Owasi, Party agent Samjwadi ka banke bhavnaon ko bhadkaane ka karya kar rahe hain (Everyone knows Owasi is trying to spark passion by working as an agent of the Samajwadi party), ”Adityanath said, claiming that no community riot is now taking place in the state, where such clashes took place frequently under previous governments.

“The UP is no longer known for its riots but as a danga-mukt (riot-free) state,” he added.

Addressing a meeting in Barabanki on Sunday, Owaisi had called for the central government to withdraw the CAA and the National Registry of Citizens (NRC) following the announcement of the repeal of the three controversial farm laws. “The CAA is against the Constitution. If the BJP government does not withdraw this law, we will go out into the streets and another Shaheen Bagh will come here, ”Owaisi said, referring to a long protest organized in the locality of Shaheen Bagh in Delhi against the CAA during the year. last.

Adityanath, meanwhile, said unlike governments of the past, his government does not sponsor the Mafias. “This is a government that is running bulldozers on the chests of the mafias,” he said, referring to the demolition of properties belonging to criminals.

Adityanath said that besides the Center and the state government, only BJP workers were on the streets to help people during the Covid pandemic, and thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for launching programs to provide food grains to people.