Every sport in the game, ranked

Earning instant rave reviews when released in late April 2022, Nintendo Switch Sports has finally filled the void left by the absence of Wii Sportss, allowing gamers to use the Joy-Cons as motion controls to compete in a series of interactive sports competitions.

The game features six distinct sports for players to exercise and increase their heart rate including badminton, bowling, chambara (sword fighting), football, tennis and volleyball , with the ability to add golf as a DLC pack down the road. The real question is, which sport in the game reigns supreme?


6 Chambara

Gamers Engage in Chambara in Nintendo Switch Sports

Based on the ancient tradition of Japanese samurai sword fighting, Chambara is not too different from the fencing featured in Wii Sports Complex. However, while the samurai lore is pretty cool aesthetically, the sport itself requires little to no strategy and is largely reduced to swinging Joy-Cons being quickly and violently possible to land one-on-one blows. head. As such, it feels less like a true sporting experience and more like a battle of attrition.

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Aside from the lack of strategy and stamina required, Chambara just doesn’t feel like it belongs in the game’s other sports, making it feel more like a novelty to the causal player rather than a truly rigorous workout but fun athletic exercise.

5 Badminton

Two players play badminton in Nintendo Switch Sports

Take the general principles of tennis, reduce the number of players, the size of the court and limit the range of motion required, and players will have an idea of ​​what it’s like to play badminton in Change sports. Although better than Mario Tennis on Nintendo 64, it’s still too reminiscent of the gameplay mechanics of tennis, a mainstay of sports titles, and the best part of badminton is the epic rallies that can last for minutes. It’s also much harder to birdie out of bounds, a constant frustration in tennis. Additionally, pushing ZR or ZL will allow players to hit well-timed drop shots to unbalance their opponents.

Alas, sometimes when a player is overstretched at badminton, they dive, plant their face on the court and lay there like a corpse for several seconds, allowing the opponent to slam the birdie for a point. Exhilarating for long rallies without requiring a lot of skill or adding lots of new twists to well-worn tennis gameplay, badminton is still fun even if it’s somewhat foreign.

4 Volleyball

A player returns a volleyball shot in Nintendo Switch Sports

Using the general rules of badminton and applying a playful and interactive team concept, volleyball also requires a lot more physical activity. The two-on-two format is ideal as a party game with friends and families, allowing players to place, steal and spike the ball with immense force in attack and bump, and block in defence. Rather than flicking the wrist with a badminton racket, volleyball also requires raising the arms in the air, which is sure to give players a more rigorous workout.

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In the two-on-two format, players can designate who will play attack and who will play defense, resulting in a shared division of labor that requires real teamwork to be successful. Hopefully a beach volleyball court will be added to the game down the line.

3 Football

A player kicks a soccer ball in Nintendo Switch Sports

For the first time, Nintendo is letting players swing their legs in athletic competition via the new Soccer game in Change sports. An exciting new addition revealed at Nintendo Direct, players can attach the Joy-Con to one of their legs and simulate kicking a soccer ball with different styles like push kick, kick heel, the goal kick and even the bicycle kick. Players can also control diving headers as another way to score goals. The options are endless, providing a ton of fun on every ride.

The stellar football video game not only expends a huge amount of energy, requiring more space in the room to sweep the legs in different directions, but it is also available in one-on-one and four-on-four modes, giving solo and celebrating. – gameplay options that will keep players entertained for hours. Nintendo adding football to the mix for the first time is one of the best decisions made for Change sports.

2 Tennis

A player prepares to flip a tennis ball in Nintendo Switch Sports

Everything that made tennis so great in Sports Wii is developed in Change sportseasily making it one of the most entertaining athletic endeavors to perform in the game. Joy-Con motion controls replicate the most precise and advanced tennis moves anyone can attempt, high speed, returns, insane topspins, backspins, dinkings, dunks, lobes, etc.

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What really takes tennis to the next level is the two-on-two gameplay, which encourages interactive teamwork and makes the experience much livelier. With three different tennis court surfaces (clay, grass, and acrylic hard court) that alter the movement of the ball, tennis is not only great fun to play, but will truly get a player’s heart rate up to legitimate training levels. Even in single-player mode, players can use a ghost Mii to aid them in the field as a two-on-two partner, adding another awesome wrinkle to the gameplay.

1 Bowling

A player bowls an obstacle course in Nintendo Switch Sports

Without a doubt, bowling is the most entertaining game to play Nintendo Switch Sports. First, Bowling is the only game to feature a tournament format, pitting 16 bowlers against each other in a high-stakes competition that narrows the best and brightest down to the bottom three. That’s all the fans liked Wii Bowling, but with much more advanced graphics, smoother mechanics and even cooler challenges. This is one of the reasons why Change sports quickly becoming one of the best games ever made by Nintendo.

The motion controls are so realistic that players can throw precise hooks by rolling their wrist during a shot or roll perfectly straight lines to pick up spares when needed. The precision of the Joy-Cons is breathtaking, allowing bowlers to move their bodies horizontally and aim exactly where they want the ball to hit the pins. There’s also a random obstacle course mode that increases in difficulty, adding an ultra-fun ride that’s sure to challenge the best bowlers the game has seen.

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