[Exclusive] Chinese military uses robot vehicles in Tibet

Representation image | Photo credit: ANI

New Delhi: Bearing in mind the difficult terrain of the Tibetan Plateau and the difficulties faced by Han Chinese soldiers due to the cold and high altitude, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) moved in a large number of ground vehicles. unmanned to transport troops, weapons and supplies. More than half of the vehicles are in areas close to the Ladakh region where the Chinese build-up is still visible.

The PLA has moved 88 unmanned ground vehicles or Sharp Claw UGVs to Tibet, and 38 of them to the western part of the province, near where the Indian and Chinese armies still face each other. The Sharp Claw UGV, made by NORINCO, a Chinese weapons manufacturer, can be used for reconnaissance, patrolling and transporting weapons, and logistics work in difficult terrain. it can also be equipped with weapons.

Also in Tibet is the Mule-200 robot, manufactured by Zhong Tian Zhu Kong Technology Holdings. It has a range of 50 km, can navigate difficult terrain and also, carry around 200 kg of ammunition, supplies or even weapons at a time. Wireless remotely controlled, it can perform combat tasks if it is equipped for fire support activities. The PLA has 120 Mule-200s in Tibet, more than half of which are in the western regions.

In addition to unmanned ground vehicles, the PLA has the VP-22 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle. It can be used to move troops or as an ambulance. The VP-22 can carry around 15 passengers at a time. There are 70 VP-22s in Tibet, and like the Sharp Claws and Mules, most of them – 47 – are in the Western Sector.

Along with the specialized vehicles, around 200 Lynx all-terrain vehicles have been spotted, including around 150 in areas closer to Ladakh. They can be used to move soldiers and supplies and as a platform for heavy weapons or air defense weapons.