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A photo shoot on the Yamuna on Wednesday. (Special photo: Praveen Khanna)

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Guests at the puja on the Gurgaon namaz site: Kapil Mishra, Yati Narsinghanand

BJP leader Kapil Mishra will attend the Govardhan Puja, hosted by members of the Sanyukt Hindu Sangharsh Samiti, at Sector 12A site in Gurgaon where namaz was held every Friday. The Samiti, which includes 22 outfits, invited Dasna Devi’s chief priest Yati Narsinghan and Saraswati, who said he would not be able to do so.

The site in Sector 12A, where namaz was offered under police protection, was the scene of disruption from right-wingers and local residents for two weeks. On October 29, 26 protesters, mostly from right-wing groups, were arrested for attempting to disrupt the namaz before being released on bail the same day.

BJP MP writes to CM: Delhi University teachers have not been paid for months

The Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) and BJP MP Rakesh Sinha said on Wednesday that employees at 12 DU colleges, which are 100% funded by the Delhi government, will have ‘black diwali’ because their wages have not been paid for several months.

Sinha has written to CM Arvind Kejriwal to tell him that he will be going on a “token hunger strike”. “On an auspicious occasion like Deepawali, with a heavy heart, I write this letter to you, that under your governance the teachers, non-teaching staff and contract staff of the 12 administration-funded DU colleges in Delhi have to live with ‘Black Deepawali, ”” Sinha wrote.

Delhi: schools to educate students about cybercrime

Once a month, students in grades VI and above in Delhi schools will have sessions and activities on cybercrime prevention through a government program to make them ‘cyber warriors’.

This school program is part of the program of the Union Home Office, Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center (I4C), under which the first Wednesday of each month is to be observed as “Cyber ​​Jagrookta Divas”.

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