High School Calls For Resource Officer Removal After Complaints Over His ‘Dividing’ Police Public Defense, Thin Blue Line Patch

A suburban Chicago high school dumped its resource officer after receiving complaints about its police “division” public defense and the Thin Blue Line symbol – and the Mount Prospect Police Department chief, in the ‘Illinois, worried about the power a few people may have over a woman’s career, Fox News reported.

What’s the background?

Agent Lisa Schaps – who served the department for almost 15 years and was the school resources officer at Prospect High School – addressed the village council on June 15 regarding concerns about the Thin Blue Line badge local agents, according to Journal and topics, an outlet that covers the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Schaps said the Thin Blue Line – which many on the left say carries racist meanings – “was never about hate.

“We are good people. We are here to serve and protect, and I think if you judge us by the actions of a few bad officers or groups who took our flag and used it, it is no different from judge someone by the color of their skin on their religion or on their sexual preferences, ”she added, according to Journal & Topics.

“The way we’ve seen people of color being treated by the police, if you think that doesn’t infuriate us and make us angry, then you’re wrong,” Schaps also said, according to the outlet. “Because the men and women here in Mount Prospect don’t treat our citizens that way. “

First appearance on Fox News

Next, Schaps appeared on “Fox & Friends” last week to pitch her point to a national audience on the Thin Blue Line shoulder patch.

“It’s a matter of honor. It’s a matter of pride. It’s a matter of kinship,” she said during last Tuesday’s segment. “You know, I even said ‘love’. I have kids. I have family… that’s all of that, and it’s really important to us.

Uh oh

Well, things have apparently hit a tipping point for the school – and Schaps has literally been called to the principal’s office for a meeting, according to Mount Prospect Police Chief John Koziol, who told Fox News on Thursday. that he had attended the meeting with Schaps.

Koziol told the cable news network that they were both “devastated” that the principal said the school had decided it wanted a new resource manager.

“We sat down with him, and he explained that he and the district had received complaints and probably from these same people who object to our patch, and I was giving him ideas on how to handle those calls; – them in the police department or the village, “Koziol reminded Fox News.” It really wasn’t their fight to fight. “

But it was too late, as Koziol told the cable news network that the director said, “We are past it all; we want a new ORS. We want Lisa to be gone.”

And the problem was?

So what did Schaps do so wrong?

“They had mentioned that I compared being a police officer to being black when I really wasn’t saying that,” she told Fox News. “I said, ‘Please don’t judge us like you would judge someone on their skin color, religion, or sexual preferences. “It was really about the judgment, and they just said it was inappropriate.”

What did the school district have to say?

Dave Berry, acting communications supervisor for Township High School District 214, told the Cable News Network that “we have recommended that we consider assigning another officer to this school so that we can focus on our students.”

Berry added to Fox News that “the school does not have the authority to fire or fire a school resources manager, so any claim that the school has fired the school resources manager is neither correct nor accurate “.

Too much power in the hands of a few

Koziol told the cable news network that a “small group” of plaintiffs “sort of had as much power to affect someone’s career, someone’s livelihood” – which he said , concerns him, as does the attitude of the director who, according to Koziol, “really believed in what he was doing” in reference to wanting Schaps to leave.

But as the chief told Fox News that Schaps would remain employed by the department, he added that being in charge of school resources “has been a passion for Lisa.”

“It’s a job she always wanted,” Koziol also told the cable news network. “I know everything she does for these kids. If the wolf ever came to this school door, you wanted the mama bear there.”

He added that his impeachment had “been devastating for her”.

“Here is a very strong and confident woman, whom we want in all of our police officers,” Koziol also noted, “and I saw her devastated at this meeting,” Koziol said.

(H / T: The Police Tribune)