Hindu religion could die out in 50 years, warns VHP leader | Nagpur News

Nagpur: The Hindu religion could die out in 50 years if strong action is not taken, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Dr Ravindra Narayan Singh said on Sunday.
“If cancer cells remain in the body even after a certain treatment, then a more powerful remedy like chemotherapy is needed. For this, even the patient must remain strong. Here the patient is Hindu society, ”said Dr Singh.
“The Muslims were given a separate nation as well as funds to run it. A number of individuals belonging to this religion have visited Pakistan. Yet some of them stuck behind, ”Dr Singh said.
Dr Singh, an orthopedic surgeon and winner of the Padma Shri Prize, said that does not mean Muslims should be asked to leave the country. “However, there are also some other aspects that need to be understood,” he added.
Dr Singh was in town to preside over the dedication ceremony for VHP’s new building in Dhantoli.
“It’s not that I mean that minorities are cancer. It was just an example. As I am a doctor, I brought up a health problem like cancer to emphasize this point,” he said. -he declares.
“In Islam, there is a concept of ‘ummah’ which outlaws the concept of nation. How can you build a nation with a part of the society that does not believe in nationalism at all, ”Dr Singh said.
He said minorities, including Muslims, should assimilate into the wider Indian fabric. “The Ganga river flowing in Patna has water from rivers like Yamuna, Sarayu and Gandak. Yet his name is Ganga. Likewise, those who tried to lock swords with us would end up blending in with us, ”Dr Singh said.
When asked if there was indeed a threat to the country that Hinduism could disappear in 50 years, he said it could happen if action is not taken quickly.
“Look at Kerala and Bihar. In Bihar, there are four predominantly Muslim districts where you cannot even perform puja Satyanrayana, ”he said.
“At the start, we were told that minorities are our brothers and that we must live with them in peace. Now they’re slowly swallowing us up and it’s time to say atithi kab jaoge (guest when are you leaving), ”he said.
He also expressed concern about Christian missionaries, saying as much as Rs64,000 crore in foreign aid has been misappropriated for conversion. Funding was blocked after 2014, said Dr Singh. For us, even a single converted person is a matter of concern, he said.
Regarding VHP’s recent vigilantism at a Madhya Pradesh school over an alleged conversion, the president of VHP said protecting Hindu welfare remains the top priority. “It is up to the MP government to protect its political interests … we are here to protect the interests of the Hindus,” Dr Singh said.
Regarding the position of Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya on the temples of Kashi and Mathura, Dr Singh said: “The focus is only on Ayodhya. What others are saying is not the voice of the organization as a whole.