In-laws against interfaith marriage, man hangs himself in Noida

A 24-year-old reportedly hanged himself from a tree in Noida on Saturday and left a suicide note, addressed to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, stating that he had been harassed by his in-laws since he married his wife, which is from a different religion, earlier this year. Police identified the victim as Mohit Thakur, a resident of Sector 54 of Noida.

“We have received information that the body of a man has been found hanged in Sector 54. A complaint has been filed against his in-laws. According to the autopsy, the death was due to hanging. It was alleged that he took the plunge after being harassed by in-laws as a result of his interfaith marriage. We are polling acquaintances to determine the details, ”said Gyan Singh, Sector 24 SHO.

According to the victim’s family, Mohit met the woman in Noida a few years ago and they got married earlier this year. His father Satendra Pal said the family wanted him to marry someone else, and they even set a date, but Mohit decided not to go ahead.

The family said the woman converted after marrying Mohit.

Police said the two families opposed their marriage. Mohit’s family claimed they ultimately accepted the idea, but the woman’s parents did not.

According to them, the woman’s family stopped communicating with her and the couple moved to Jaipur, where Mohit did odd jobs to make ends meet.

In October, a wedding was due to take place in the woman’s family and she reached out to her relatives after checking their social media posts. Her family asked her to come see them and resolve their differences. But once she returned, her parents reportedly refused to let her return to Mohit.

“From the initial investigation, it is evident that the victim had been disturbed…. One defendant, Dilshad, has been arrested, ”Singh said.

Around Diwali time, Pal spoke to the woman’s father, who refused to give in. “They said they would never send her back to Mohit. It bothered Mohit a lot, but he never told anyone about it, and we didn’t realize that something so extreme could happen.

According to Mohit’s family, on Saturday evening the father and a relative of the woman came to their home and threatened them. Police said they were verifying this claim.

The next day, her body was found hanged in a wooded area in Sector 54. The family also alleged that a Chowki official in Sector 54 threatened Mohit at the request of the woman’s family.

“Two complaints had been lodged by the woman’s family… As usual, the police officer called Mohit to inquire about the facts of the case. Other allegations are unfounded, ”said SHO Gyan Singh.

The victim, in the alleged suicide note, said his wife’s conversion has turned his family upside down. The suicide note, uploaded to her Instagram story, is addressed to CM Adityanath and calls for justice. He alleges that his wife’s parents and relatives are responsible for his suicide.

An FIR was filed under section 306 (incitement to suicide) against the woman’s father Salim, her mother and their relatives Dilshad and Naushad. Dilshad was arrested, police said.