India faces threat of targeted bioterrorism

The threat comes mainly from Chinese and Pakistani establishments that pursue biological weapons.

BENGALURU: The deadly Ebola and Marburg viruses were collected from bats in Nagaland by Chinese and US defense researchers in 2017. Any disgruntled, greedy, or brainwashed employee in a Any nation’s biological warfare can easily transmit deadly viruses to terrorists in an easy to carry vaccine or insulin cooler bag.
The threat of state-sponsored bioterrorism in India is a clear and current danger. The awareness of this is the most important because the warned is warned. A study conducted in Nagaland in the village of Mimi on the Indo-Myanmare border in 2017 on viruses in local fruit bats by researchers at the University of Health Sciences Uniformed Services (Military), Bethesda, Maryland, United States ; The Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and Duke-National University of Singapore with Indian researchers was published on October 31, 2019 in the journal “PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases” and was sponsored by the Ministry of Defense, Defense Threat Reduction Agency , United States. They reported the presence in these bats of the filovirus virus family which includes the deadly Ebola and Marburg viruses which have long been the subject of biological weapons research. They also found reactive antibodies against these viruses in human bat hunters and local bats. The involvement of foreign entities with the consent only of their own institutions but without the prior authorization of the Indian government raised a major concern and an investigation was only ordered by the government after the start of the pandemic. A five-member committee set up by the Indian Council for Medical Research submitted a report to the Ministry of Health. The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta said it did not commission this study. He had probably not been kept informed by the US Department of Defense. Viruses and data collected by Chinese researchers at WIV can easily be misused to prepare biological weapons against India. The answers to the five questions – who, why, what, when, where and how are essential elements of any investigation by journalists, military intelligence, detectives or researchers and are therefore answered here.
WHO IS THE THREAT FROM: The threat comes mainly from our traditional adversaries, the Chinese and Pakistani establishments which jointly pursue biological weapons. They opened a third front in India by enlisting corrupt Indians, political malcontents and religious fanatics as agents to carry out their agenda. Every effort is being made to rally our neighbors and also influence world powers, multilateral world agencies and the Indian diaspora to attack India and its government. The sustained effort is to hijack Indian democracy to bring about regime change or at least create chaos to cripple the government and thus weaken our economy, our health and our defenses. Another risk is that any disgruntled, greedy, or brainwashed employee in any nation’s biological warfare program can easily transmit deadly viruses to terrorists in an easy-to-carry vaccine or insulin cooler bag.
WHY BIOTERRORISM IS A CLEAR AND CURRENT HAZARD FOR INDIA: Bioterrorism has the advantage of denial, portability, deployment, self-replication and is the only option left to China and Pakistan against India for the following reasons. Chemical and nuclear wars are becoming less and less relevant due to the traceability of the source, international pressure and the deterrence of counterattacks. Conventional wars have become proxy wars of attrition. It is now limited in time, geography, and the advantage gained due to arms supplies and support to both sides of any war by world powers divided into two opposing camps. The Pakistani establishment war of bleeding India with a thousand blows using proxy terrorists is getting nowhere; it is rather the Pakistani economy which is bleeding by a thousand leaks. The Chinese war of slaughtering Indian lands has come to a halt in the heights of the Himalayas as its pampered army is at the end of its rope and the will to fight. His Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and debt trap attempts to surround India and overcome its dilemma in Malacca are causing a deepening diplomatic and debt crisis. The only option left is to weaken India through bioterrorism preceded by cyber attacks, disinformation and propaganda and the encouragement of both communal and Naxalite internal conflicts, hence the recent statement by the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval according to which “civil society is the new frontier of war”. The intention to use biological weapons is further confirmed by the army of Chinese ally North Korea marching in Hazmat suits (see image).
WHAT IS THE RISK : The risk is very high because the biological weapons are ready to be deployed, as the accidental leak in the Wuhan laboratories already shows. Proxies have also been increased and activated on both our Western front and our Far Eastern flank, thanks to instability in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Myanmar. Hostile activists in India are very fervent and enthusiastic after what they perceive to be a success in their street protests and attacks on the government for economic issues and the handling of the pandemic.
WHEN THE LIKELY THREAT IS: The first wave of Covid-19 in India was delayed by a ban on flights from China and the national lockdown, and began in late June 2020, otherwise it would have started in March. The second wave started in mid-February 2021; therefore, the threat of bioterror is likely to be in February-March during or after the budget session of Parliament for three reasons. 1. This timing will help pass the attack as a natural third wave of the pandemic. 2. This may include another attack on our temple of democracy. 3. Our adversaries hope that a weakened India by May will enable them to start marching while the snow melts on our Himalayan borders.
WHERE IS THE LIKELY THREAT: Biological warfare may not necessarily be with our army at the borders, as our enemies want these areas to be safe for them to occupy and dismember India. Deadly pathogens are more likely to spread through our shopping malls, strategic facilities, command and control centers, healthcare facilities, and densely populated areas after a cyber attack to cripple all infrastructure and communications.
HOW THE VIRUS WILL BE SPREAD: In a previous article titled “The Corona Variants Are Biological Weapons In A War of Deception” dated June 20, 2021 in The Sunday Guardian, I detailed how the corona virus can be stored as a powder for up to 14 days at a time. room temperature and at least 2 months at +4 degrees C with ordinary refrigeration. I had also mentioned how the Covid-19 outbreak at the Jubilant Pharma factory in Nanjangud, Karnataka, India in March 2020 was likely to have been a field test in targeted biological warfare. There were five variants of the Covid-19 virus as of January 2020 according to the family tree published by researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in the journal Nature. To date, more deadly viruses and variants, along with vaccines and drugs for them, have reportedly been prepared thanks to the experience of the pandemic. It’s no wonder that all efforts to investigate the WIV are stalled. The virus can be spread by bio-suicide bombers or by agricultural spray drones.
BIODEFENCE AND MEDICAL COUNTERMEASURES: Biodefense includes medical research and preparations to defend against bioterrorist attacks. High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters (HEPA) should be installed in air conditioning ducts, to filter biological agents in large emergency quarantine shelters and in strategically important facilities, including healthcare facilities, communication, transport and logistics. Medical measures include personal protective equipment such as Hazmat suits, early identification of the biological weapon used, and rapid development and deployment of test kits, equipment and facilities for hospitals and intensive care, vaccines and drugs. We should develop vaccines and drugs against Ebola and other viral infections as yet unknown in India. Information and relief distribution measures and the networks of healthcare and frontline workers developed during this pandemic will help. All crowds at any place or reason should be restricted or prohibited. Increased funding for research and development of new methods of disease detection and surveillance; new vaccines and antimicrobial therapies; design and construction of large quarantine and disaster relief shelters; and health facilities capable of handling increased demand, should be a national priority as this will also improve our preparedness for natural disasters and epidemics.
Dr PS Venkatesh Rao, MBBS (Vellore), MS (Vellore), DNB, FRCS (Glasgow), FACS, FICS, FMAS, FAES is a consultant in endocrine, breast and laparoscopic surgery.