Indresh Kumar sees change in Christian thinking about RSS

The community realized that they had gained nothing by “hating” the outfit, says senior RSS official

On Monday, December 20, 2021, senior leader Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Indresh Kumar, claimed that there had been a change in the thinking of the Christian community towards the Sangh over the years when they realized that they had gained nothing by “hating” the outfit.

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A “new India is being born” with the change of mentality of the Christian community in India towards the RSS and its idea of ​​nationalism, he told reporters here on the sidelines of an event organized to celebrate Christmas under the umbrella of the Global Anglican. Future Conference and Council of Anglican Bishops of India.

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This is the second such event that the leader of the RSS has attended in the nation’s capital in a week to celebrate Christmas with members of the community, as well as those from Muslim and other communities.

On December 16, Mr. Kumar attended an event hosted by Bharatiya Christian Manch, supported by RSS, to celebrate Christmas at Nagaland House and called on participants to spread the message of “religious harmony, brotherly love and peace. “while addressing the rally.

“Awareness not linked to surveys”

When asked if the two events held to celebrate Christmas were part of his efforts to reach out to the Christian community ahead of the Goa Assembly polls to be held early next year, Mr. Kumar said declared: “This is not related to the elections. But if it affects the election, then there is nothing wrong with it. “” Over the years there has been a change in the thinking of Christians. They realize that they hated the RSS and nationalism but won nothing and those they voted for got nothing. got.

“They realize that the RSS and its (idea of ​​nationalism) are quite different from what they understood before. A new India is being born,” the leader of the RSS told reporters.

Earlier, while addressing the event attended by bishops from various parts of the country as well as religious leaders from Muslim communities and others, the leader of the RSS called on the gathering to commit to work to create a atmosphere of religious conviviality. peace, brotherhood and respect for each other’s religions.

“Today, we all ask ourselves if we want a world with religious conflicts or a world without religious conflicts, without gender discrimination, untouchability, cruelty. Thinking in this direction and acting accordingly will end conflicts”, a- he declared. .

“India is the best place for that. Charity begins at home. If all Indians are committed to creating religious peace, religious brotherhood, religious respect for one another and not religious fundamentalism, then things will change, “Kumar said.

He called on people from various communities to follow their religion and respect each other’s religion.