Is “Wakeism” an Abrahamic religion in its essence and practice?


A while ago I read a viral tweet from a teenager at Delhi University claiming that the farmers in Punjabi are from a lower caste and therefore the government is not listening to them. None of the admirers of this tweet seemed too concerned that Punjab farmers are the most dominant caste in Punjab, far more than any other caste in any other state.

Then, when a Dalit laborer, Lakhbir Singh, was ceremoniously murdered by these farmers for religious “blasphemy” at the Singhu border protest site last week, Einstein’s same great-granddaughter was missing. call to propose a caste analysis.

Nothing, even when Lakhbir Singh’s family in Punjab were intimidated into denying him and denied the last religious rites. It reminded me of another tweet from another young girl claiming that vegetarianism is a tool of caste oppression. I’m pretty sure we’ve all read such bold but selective claims made with supreme confidence that made us doubt our own sanity. WOKEISM.

Most educated and socio-politically active Indians today know that there is something called Woke Culture or Wokeism that is sweeping universities and colleges in liberal democracies. In India, it dominates popular New Age culture.

All OTT platforms have the same looping themes – caste, gender, Islamophobia, etc. In North America, it has already progressed to become an electoral force as well. But what is this awakened culture? A political movement? A social theory? Economic model ? Or something that encompasses all of this and more, like an Abrahamic religion?

I will try to list a few signs that this is indeed a New Age Abrahamic religion. As India fought the invasions of the Abrahamic religions for a millennium, this comparison is relevant.

10 signs of the Abrahamic religions:

1.Us versus them false dichotomy: The world is divided into believers and unbelievers, oppressors and oppressed. This language has easy appeal because it satisfies our tribal genetic urges to belong to a group while claiming to espouse egalitarian values.

2. Destroy “the other”: It is common to seek the complete destruction of opponents. Whether it’s annulling someone who said something “wrong” or wiping out civilizations altogether. There is no room for coexistence. Dehumanizing the adversary is the key. The joy when Hindus were killed in Bengal followed the logic that “although I hate human suffering, sanghis are not human”.

3. Membership matters, not your actions: Your group membership and adherence to the gang code determines your worth, not the merit of your actions. Gang members will always be supported, even if they are terrorists or rapists. Therefore, there is no mention of common human morality in the Abrahamic literature.

4. Blind faith: You cannot question an Abrahamic faith or subject it to scrutiny. If your question is, you are a heretic or a caste / race / gender traitor and you deserve even worse treatment than your enemies.

5. Expansionist victim: The manufacture of enemies, the search for enemies is essential. Enmity is imposed on the target group. But an abuser needs a grievance, which is why we should always speak of a victim.

6. Based on dogma: Dogma is supreme. Complete submission to dogmatic rules, without exception. When an LGBTQ activist simply mentioned that the Modi government may not have been anti-LGBTQ based on his reading of their policies, it is quickly canceled. He went against the rule “Modi is right wing; the right is anti LGBTQ ‘.

7. Indoctrination of young people: The emphasis is meticulously on indoctrination from an early age. The constant lowering of the teaching age for critical race theory or gender studies is proof of this. Young people and women in performing positions are considered very useful infantrymen.

8. Self-satisfaction: Unwavering belief that you are right, even ignoring or dismissing empirical or scientific data. When I tried to present data to support the Aarey Metro hangar the data was just ignored and all I got was ‘climate change is here, man’.

9. History control: Expansionist religions have always sought to control the recording and reading of history. World history as we know it today is almost exclusively recorded by missionaries of Abrahamic faiths. Awakening is no different. Try posting facts related to sensitive waking up topics on Wikipedia, and you will know how determined they are to record deceptive stories.

ten. Replace the old gods: Abrahamic religions recognize that as long as old systems of reverence and beliefs exist, minds cannot be fully controlled. Hence the emphasis on removing idols and Hindu forms of worship or celebration. Traditional culture is the number one enemy.

Here it is relevant to note that this similarity between the expansionist Abrahamic religions and wokeism goes back to the very roots of wokeism. The genesis of wokeism is in countries with a history of centuries of zealous religious movements.

The foundation of wokeism, the critical theory, comes from Germany, where the Christian theologian Martin Luther had proposed Protestant reforms in the 16e century. Luther’s reforms were then implemented in England and America and shaped these countries, much like how wokeism is ruthlessly implemented in these countries today.

As to why some Indian academic institutions are following the same path, this has a much simpler explanation – aping “the upper West”. That for another day. For now, please stay away from drugs and wokeism.