Japanese Ex-Princess Mako Komuro Takes Unpaid Gig at Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mako Komuro, former Japanese Princess Mako and eldest daughter of Crown Prince Akishino and Crown Princess Kiko (Image: Reuters)

Mako renounced her royal title when she married jurist Kei Kumoro

Former Japanese princess Mako Komuro assists curators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. She moved to New York after marrying her college sweetheart Kei Kumoro last year in October. She joined the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a volunteer and is unpaid.

Mako will assist staff at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with an exhibition of scrolls inspired by the 13th-century Buddhist monk Ippen. Previously, she completed a Masters in Museum Studies and Art Galleries at the University of Leicester in the UK. She also studied Art and Cultural Heritage at Tokyo International Christian University where she first met Kei Komuro. She married Kei in 2021 and renounced her royal title.

Ippen traveled across Japan during the Kamakura period and introduced Buddhism to the masses. When Mako chose to marry Kei, she chose to forfeit a dowry of approximately $1.4 million, which made her the first female Imperial member of Japan to opt out of this payment as she has married a “commoner”.

Komuro’s clerk at a New York law firm and attended Fordham Law School. He also re-wrote the New York bar exam after failing the first attempt.

A museum curator said Mako’s job will require her to spend more time in the library and for the event, the former princess will have to manage artwork and conduct research.

(with contributions from Japan Times, Vanity Fair)

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