Justin Burns running for Principal of St. Clair County Schools

Justin Burns announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination Thursday as superintendent of the St. Clair County school system. Burns made the announcement during a meeting of young Republicans from St. Clair County in Pell City at the City Market Grill.

“30 years ago our family moved to St Clair,” said Burns. “It gives us the opportunity to give back. ”

Burns’ father was the longtime pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Moody. Burns has been Principal of Leeds Primary School since 2016. He and his wife Brandi Burns have three boys and a boxer.

“My dad was a pastor,” Burns said. “Everyone says there are two things you should never do and that is to talk about religion or politics. We do both at home.

Burns says he taught Ragland for three years.

“I saw another part of the world,” Burns said. “You don’t accidentally end up in Ragland. ”

“After traveling 40 miles one way to get to work, I transferred to Odenville Middle School and worked there for four years,” Burns continued. “I’m a small town guy.”

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“I have always had the passion to be a director,” said Burns. “I wanted to have a bigger impact, a bigger influence so I got my degree in administration.”

He then became assistant principal at Moody Junior High.

“Three years ago I went to work for John Moore in Leeds,” said Burns. “I have worked with John Moore for seven years and was Principal of Leeds Primary School for six years.”

Leeds is a city school system that straddles the St. Clair, Jefferson and Shelby County lines.

“I loved my time in Leeds working with Moore,” said Burns. “I have never met anyone who did not think he was not a wonderful man and administrator.”

Burns explained that his three children: “They’re all going to Leeds with me; but if they’re elected superintendents, they’ll go to Moody.

Moody, like Ragland and Odenville, are part of the St. Clair County school system along with Ashville, Steele, Margaret and Springville.

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“We had to pray long and hard for this,” Burns said. “My oldest will be a ninth grade student. It will be a great upheaval for them; but they understand that dad has a vocation.

Burns said the St. Clair County Superintendent of Schools was the job he had wanted for a long time.

“When I interviewed (then) Superintendent Jenny Seales” for the Deputy Director, “I said I really wanted your job someday,” Burns told the crowd of over 40 Republicans.

Current superintendent Mike Howard is expected to run for another term as superintendent.

The Republican primary will take place on March 24, 2022.

St. Clair County Republican Party Chairman Ren Wheeler announced, “On the 19th of this month, Mo Brooks will be our speaker. Congressman Mo Brooks is running for the US Senate.

Wheeler explained that this meeting will be held at the St. Clair County Courthouse in Pell City at 6 p.m.

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Wheeler said it was also the deadline to bring in all of your raffle tickets. All tickets and cash must be returned by August 19, 2021. Gun draws will begin August 21 and run through August 31. Contact Ren or Deborah Howard to purchase raffle tickets or make arrangements to deposit tickets and cash if you cannot attend the August 19 meetings.

St. Clair County Young Republicans Chairman Logan Glass said the next Young Republicans reunion will be held on September 30.

“Sheriff Billy Murray and our District Attorney (Lyle Harmon) will be the speakers,” said Glass. “We want to have a law enforcement appreciation event. It will be at the Pell City Steak House.

“We will have an auditor candidate forum on October 30,” said Glass. “The four candidate state auditors have agreed to come. We are very excited. ”

Candidate for Secretary of State Wes Allen also addressed the group.