Karwa Chauth 2022 Katha Lyrics and Video in Hindi and Punjabi: Read and Listen to the Legendary Tale of Rani Veeravati that Hindu Women Sing During the Religious Full Moon Festival

On the fourth day after Purnima or the full moon of the lunar month of Kartika, Hindu women celebrate the Karwa Chauth festival for the welfare and longevity of their beloved husbands. According to the traditional Hindu calendar, Karwa Chauth 2022 will be celebrated on October 13, Thursday and will end on October 14, Friday. The Hindu community marks the occasion with religious fervor by remembering the mythological tale of the beautiful Rani Veervati, who spent her first Karva Chauth as a married woman in her parents’ house. The legendary tale is sung by women who keep the holy Karwa Chauth fast with faith and patience. Here we bring you the video recording of the story along with the sayings that make most Indian Hindu women fast for a whole day every year.

According to different online sources, legend has it that Queen Veervati was the sister of seven brothers who could not cope with the distress she felt during her Karwa Chauth fast. On the day of the festival, the queen kept a strict vrat after sunrise; in the evening, she waited impatiently to see the moon. The Rani struggled to control her hunger and thirst, which became a troublesome case for her brothers. The brothers decided to make a fake moon upon seeing his anguish and placed a circular mirror in a Pipal tree that looked like the Moon had risen. Some also mention that the brothers built a massive fire behind a mountain and tricked their sister into convincing her that the glow emitted from the fire was that of the Moon. Thus, Veervarti fell into her brothers’ trap and quickly broke her. The moment she ate food after being cheated on by her brothers, news came that her husband, the king, had died. Karwa Chauth 2022 Sargi Time and Puja Muhurat: Learn all about Upvas date, Moonrise time in India and Auspicious fasting festival traditions.

Watch: Rani Veervati and her devotional story in Hindi

Here is a video of Karwa Chauth Katha in Punjabi

Why women keep the holy vrat comes from two versions of the story, which is associated with Rani Veervati’s encounter with the Goddess, who suggested that she keep the Karwa Chauth Fast again with devotion; while the second context indicates that she met Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati while rushing to her parents’ house. Goddess Parvati cut off her little finger to give the queen a few drops of her holy blood and guided her to complete the holy fast the next day.

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