La MaMa in association with Kinding Sindaw presents the New York premiere of Posaka

The mother in association with Gender Sindaw presents the New York premiere of Posaka October 20-23, 2022 at The Downstairs at La MaMa, 66 E. 4th Street, NYC. Through ritual dances and sung epics, indigenous tradition bearers from the Philippines share the healing traditions of four sacred lineages: Maguindanao, Meranao, Tausug and Tboli. Tickets are $30 for adults, $25 for students and seniors, and the first ten tickets for each performance are $10. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit or call 646-430-5374.

Combining healing chant, thundering gong, tantric movement and food pathways transmitted by indigenous rituals, Posaka awakens all the senses in an encounter guided by authentic bearers of traditions from the southern Philippines. Join Kinding Sindaw and its community of New York-based musicians, dancers and martial artists living in the diaspora, Posaka is a performance series that explores themes of displacement, resilience and collective healing through ancestral arts.

Through ritual dances and sung epics, indigenous master artists from the Philippines share the living traditions of four unbroken lineages: Maguindanao, Meranao, Tausug and Tboli. To the rhythm of sacred drums and a live kulintang together, Posaka navigates between the boundaries of ceremony and theater to empower collective healing through ancestral arts. Sanskrit for “one who feeds”, Posaka (i.e. legacies) retain an ancient Austronesian animism denied in English to so-called “things”. Interpreters of multilevel cultural translation, these embodied bearers of tradition pusaka repair the obliterations of hegemony and the persistent objectifications of colonialism.

A dance community and resident of LaMaMa, Kinding Sindaw celebrates its 30th anniversary in New York City. Founded by Potri Ranka Manis, daughter of the late Sultan a Gaus of the Royal House of Borocot, Kindaw Sindaw campaigns for the self-determination and liberation of indigenous peoples around the world.

Posaka is choreographed by Kinding Sindaw Artistic Director, Potri Ranka Manis, Bai Labi a Gaus sa Borocot, Maguing, and features Master Artists in Residence Lynn Buti, bearer of the Tboli tradition; Leonorah Dirampaten Grande, bearer of the Meranao tradition; Datu Faisal Monal, bearer of the Maguindanao tradition; and Sitti Airia Sangkula Askalani Obesso, bearer of the Tausug tradition.

“Kinging Sindaw created magic.” – The New York Times

About Kinding Sindaw

Kinding Sindaw is a New York-based nonprofit dance theater company comprised of carriers of indigenous traditions, Filipino American artists, and educators from all walks of life founded in 1992. Kinding Sindaw exists to affirm, preserve, reclaim, and recreate the traditions of dance, music, martial arts, storytelling and orature of the indigenous peoples of Mindanao, in the southern Philippines.

Founded by a Meranao Bai Labi, bearer of tradition and culture, Potri Ranka Manis, Kinding Sindaw recreates the oral traditions of ancestral Mindanao art forms and is a resident company of La MaMa Experimental Theater Company. Our mission is to educate and enlighten communities about the history and cultures of the indigenous peoples of the Philippines. Through the use of indigenous music, dance, and cultural art forms, we serve as an important educational and cultural resource in New York City. We aim to promote advocacy for Indigenous peoples, as well as increase awareness of universal themes that are part of the human experience. The range of our programs also incorporates the health benefits of the ancestral movements that we show and teach to our audiences. Through these cultural art forms, we advocate for the preservation of the natural resources that are the livelihood of Indigenous peoples. Wellness and healing rituals are also embodied in Kinding Sindaw’s repertoire to increase health and healing awareness among participants and the public.

About LaMaMa

The MaMa is dedicated to the artist and to all aspects of theatre. MaMa’s 61st The “Remake A World” season believes in the power of art to bring lasting change over time and transform our cultural narrative. At La MaMa, new works are created from a multiplicity of perspectives, experiences and disciplines, influencing the way we think about and experience art. The flexibility of our spaces, especially the newly redesigned building at 74 East 4th Street (La MaMa’s original permanent home), gives our local and remote communities access to expanded daytime programming. The digital tools integrated into the space allow artists to collaborate remotely and audiences around the world to participate in La MaMa’s programming.

Recipient of the 2018 Regional Theater Tony Award, more than 30 Obie Awards and dozens of Drama Desk, Bessie and Villager Awards, La MaMa has been a creative home for thousands of resident artists and companies, many of whom have made contributions durable. to the arts, including Blue Man Group, Bette Midler, Ed Bullins, Ping Chong, Jackie Curtis, André De Shields, Adrienne Kennedy, Harvey Fierstein, Diane Lane, Playhouse of the Ridiculous, Tom Eyen, Pan Asian Rep, Spiderwoman Theatre, Tadeusz Kantor , Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, Mabou Mines, Meredith Monk, Peter Brook, David and Amy Sedaris, Julie Taymor, Kazuo Ohno, Tom O’Horgan and Andy Warhol. La MaMa’s vision to nurture new artists and new works from all nations, cultures, races and identities remains as strong today as it was when Ellen Stewart first opened its doors in 1961.