Leicester’s Hindu community faces religious abuse and vandalism by Pakistan-based Muslim gangs after Ind v Pak game

On August 28, 2022, after the victory of the Indian cricket team over Pakistan in the world tournament “Asia Cup”, a series of attacks were carried out by Muslim gangs based in Pakistan against the Hindu community of Leicester, in UK. The attacks include a “high degree” of vandalism and terror of Hindus, likely in retaliation after Pakistan’s defeat. Barking crowds of Muslims trawled the city of Leicester (England) in search of Hindus.

After India won the match, many Belgrave Indians (Hindus in particular) were seen celebrating the victory and they started waving the Habs (Tiranga). According to locals, someone deliberately insulted the national flag by stamping on it. This despicable act had caused the Indians to respond “Pakistan Murdabad” (Down with Pakistan and a major brawl took place. There are many videos in which Pakistani gangs were shouting with the traditional Islamic battle cries such as “Allah-hu Akbar” and “Naar-e Takbir”. They also used derogatory and foul language against Hindus and India, especially the term “Mushriks” and “Kafirs” which means idolaters and infidels respectively. to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and called him a “dog”.

The violent mob then began to uproot the holy and sacrosanct saffron flag (Bhagwa Dhwaj) from Hindu homes. The hooded assailants also started wielding knives and also engaged in knife attacks. Sheetal (an Indian from Belgrave) said the Hindus were told to go straight home after work. The Hindus have been the center of attention since the arrival of the people of Daman and Diu.

The anti-Hindu violence was not caused by a cricket match, there is ‘Hinduphobia’ in Leicester. In 2019, a temple was robbed on the auspicious occasion of Navratri. British Muslim groups such as “Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND)” attempt to portray and label UK-based Hindus as “Hindu extremists”. Leicester Police were deployed and managed to control the situation, although one officer was seriously injured in the scuffle.

There is a significant amount of racial discrimination and anti-Hindu sentiment in the UK. Hindus have been referred to as people of the Orient. Global Indians (Hindus) talk about discrimination, they are gaslitized, ostracized and delegitimized. In this regard, the Islamists do not encounter much opposition. Hinduphobia and its projects such as desecration of sacred places and temples, targeted violence against the Hindu people, ethnic cleansing, forced conversion and genocide.

Shaun Bailey, Conservative Party member and Mayor of London, said accommodating Hindus robs Britain of its community and has turned Britain into a “crime-riddled pool of cess”. They claim they prefer Indian festivals such as Holi and Diwali over Christmas. James Cleverly, the Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party defended Shaun Bailey and his anti-Hindu sentiments.