Letters to the Editor: August 6, 2022

– Tonya Casey, Board Member, Dayton Chapter of the American Heart Association

A recent letter to the editor (July 23, 2022) mentioned issues with releasing children from school to follow a weekly Bible study schedule. In the early 1950s, as a third-grade teacher in another state, I experienced the impracticality of this policy. Once a week, an hour and a half before departure time, the director announced that the children who were going to Bible study could leave. After the noise and confusion of outgoing students stopped, about a third of my class stayed. It was no longer reasonable to pretend to teach. Any new instructions should have been repeated the next day for the school’s apologies. Remedial work for more than one particular student did not make sense since it was not necessarily the remaining students who needed it. Paid as a teacher in a public school, I only served as a babysitter. The other kids were playing quiet games inside, reading, watching movies, sometimes doing a bit of homework. Basic education time for all children has been shortened. Me and the other children were held captive for the others’ optional activities.