Life is Strange: True Colors Review bombed because of Tibetan flag

Currently it seems Life is Strange: True Colors is being criticized by Chinese users for including the Tibetan flag in one of its downtown stores.

Life is Strange: True Colors takes place in the fictional town of Haven Springs Colorado and its main street includes a wide range of shops such as a bicycle shop, a marajuana dispensary and a store named “Treasures of Tibet”. Treasures of Tibet presents the Tibetan flag which also happens to be the symbol of the Tibetan independence movement, which is a political movement in favor of the separation of Tibet from China.

While there is no explicit mention of Tibet, the Chinese government, or any political movement in the game, some Chinese players are unhappy with the flag’s inclusion. This led to 118 negative reviews in Simplified Chinese, out of a total of 160 in Simplified Chinese. These reviewers almost all mention the inclusion of the Tibetan flag with them, saying it was they who added politics to the game. A number of them, according to the machine translation, even say it is a good game. if not, among those who have played there at least.

This contrasts with the game’s generally positive reviews, with a total of “very positive” reviews with 84% positive reviews. In fact, the 118 negative reviews represent more than half of the 235 negative reviews in all languages. At the time of this article, neither the developer of Deck Nine nor its publisher Square Enix have responded to this review.

Life is Strange: True Colors is currently available on Xbox, PS4 / PS5, PC and Stadia and you can read our review here! Don’t have enough time to read the review? No problem, you can watch our 1 minute review below!