Links between Buddhism and Islam

During his ongoing visit to Cambodia, the Secretary General of the Muslim World League (RABITAH) paid courtesy visits to the Supreme Patriarchs of the two Buddhist orders in Cambodia, cementing the good relations between Islam and Buddhism in the Kingdom.

During his meeting on Tuesday with Venerable Tep Vong, the Supreme Grand Patriarch of Mahanikaya of Cambodia, Dr Mohammad bin Abdul Karim Al Issa said he strongly praised Buddhism’s role in rebuilding Cambodia after years of civil war. and the development of the country. .

He also expressed his admiration for Venerable Tep Vong in his contribution to society, especially religious and racial harmony for which Cambodia is internationally famous.

“I will always remember your reputation and your accomplishments [for the cause of religious harmony]Dr. Mohammad told the Supreme Patriarch, according to a statement.

For his part, Venerable Tep Vong said that this meeting shows the close relationship in the religious field between Cambodia and Saudi Arabia.

He added that he hoped the meeting would be part of a long-term friendship between the two countries and further strengthen their ties of solidarity.

On the same day, Dr. Mohammad also visited Venerable Bour Kry, the seventh and current Supreme Patriarch of the Thammayut Order of Cambodia, who warmly welcomed him.

According to a statement on the meeting, Venerable Bour Kry said the meeting marks a historic day as he received a visit from a world-class Islamic leader and hopes that Dr. Mohammad’s visit will lead to strengthening better relations between the three kingdoms.

“It is true that this meeting is not normal for leaders of different religions to meet like this,” he said. “Even though we have different religions, but we live together in peace, suffer together during bad times and have never had problems with each other.”

In response, Dr. Mohammad said the meeting represents mutual understanding and brotherhood among different religions, a must for religious harmony.

He added that he would bring back the love and compassion shown by Cambodians, most of whom are devout followers of Buddhism, which is a religion that strongly values ​​peace.

Dr Mohammad, who leads a delegation from Rabita, arrived in Cambodia on Sunday for a seven-day visit to the Kingdom.

He has already met Prime Minister Hun Sen and Osman Hassan, Minister of State for Special Missions, to whom he expressed his appreciation for racial and religious harmony in the Kingdom. He also met with other top Cambodian leaders, including National Assembly Speaker Heng Samrin, Interior Minister Sar Kheng and Foreign Minister Prak Sokhonn.