Meet a Chinese family with Tibetan, Naxi, Lisu, and Han members


“Happy families are all alike”, but one of these families from the community of Beimen, in the city of Shangri-La, in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Deqen, in the province of Yunnan (southwest China), obviously has its unique characteristics. First of all, it’s a big family, with over 15 family members from four generations living together. Second, family members are from different ethnic groups. The grandfather of the family is Han, the son-in-law is Tibetan, the eldest daughter-in-law is Lisu, and the youngest daughter-in-law is Naxi. Yet despite their different ethnicity, they live happily together and can accept each other’s customs and traditions.

The youngest daughter-in-law told us that it is quite common in Shangri-La to have family members from different ethnic groups. Especially in a city where people develop relationships according to their will and often with people of other ethnic groups.

Yunnan Province is known to have many different ethnic groups. Although Deqen is a Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, in addition to the Tibetan people, other ethnic groups also live here. So there seems to be more chance of meeting your loved one from different ethnic backgrounds.