Mgr. Robert Tucker: Baptism: Challenge and union!

The feast of the Baptism of the Lord Jesus today celebrates the beginning of his public ministry. Jesus is challenged to begin to reconcile creation with its Creator and his humble role as an obedient servant of his Father.

As John the Baptist baptizes him with the Holy Spirit, the union of the Father and the Son as love and peace appears and descends on Jesus like a dove. Heaven’s words resound like the union of the Trinity, “You are my beloved Son with you, I am very happy. No dove or such voice has ever been heard for any other baptism. Yet the Holy Spirit has descended on you and on all the baptized – as we have been baptized: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

The challenge for Jesus is to be the new Moses and lead God’s people from their dark days on earth to the joys of eternal light and life in heaven with the Trinity. Our challenge and our union is to pick up our cross every day with hope and belief in God’s love for us and from the moment our feet hit the ground early in the morning for the devil to say, “Oh, oh here it is where it comes from! “

Therefore, when you cannot see or find the natural sun, you have to become the sun by letting the Son of God shine through you. The challenge of baptism is that it is a gift for most of us from our parents and from our church. Our challenge is to unwrap this gift and live it every day in our lives.

This feast challenges all of us, as disciples of Jesus, to embody and live his message as witnesses through our actions and words. Remember this story, a long time ago, three laughing Buddhist monks lived in China.

Together, the three monks visited a village square and only laughed. Crowds gathered around them and joined in their laughter. Soon the laughter spread throughout the city. So the laughing monks left the village and went to another village and only laughed in the village square. Once again, men and women from all over the village joined in the laughter.

Laughing monks were loved and respected all over China because they helped people laugh at their problems. Some ancient statues of Buddha depicted him with a huge smile on his face!

Our challenge and our union with the Trinity is to bring the joy, the hope and the love of our faith, and the gift of our baptism, in all situations and to make known and seen the laughter, the light and the ‘love of God.

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