MOE Does Not Tolerate Discrimination – Love FM

A Rastafarian father, Kevin Pollard, is livid after his son was discriminated against. Pollard explained that her son was rejected by Ladyville Evangelical Elementary School and Ladyville Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School for donning dreadlocks. The managing director of Ladyville Evangelical has since clarified that the boy was unable to register because the registration deadline had passed. But until news time, the principal and management of Ladyville SDA Elementary School have not addressed the situation. Love News asked the Minister of State for the Ministry of Education, Dr. Louis Zabaneh, how the ministry handles these types of situations. That’s what he had to say.

Dr. Louis Zabaneh, Minister of State at the Ministry of Education: “Well, there is a process. Obviously we can’t discriminate, that’s a fundamental principle that I just mentioned to you and our management team, they are above these things and make sure that we work in an environment where we are fair to everyone. There is no tolerance for this sort of thing. What we want our educators to focus on is service to our children, looking at each child’s uniqueness, where they are at in their education, focusing on how we can do our job to give them the opportunity to become the people they want to become that’s what we’re supposed to do and if you come with dreadlocks because that’s your religion we have to respect that.