Muslim continues to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at home

Abdul Nabi of Doranahalli in Yadgir sets an example in promoting community harmony

Abdul Nabi of Doranahalli in Yadgir sets an example in promoting community harmony

At a time when attempts are being made to divide people according to religion and caste, Abdul Nabi, 30, who runs a small hotel in Doranahalli village, Shahapur taluk of Yadgir district, gave the example of promoting community harmony by installing a Ganesh idol in his home.

Mr. Nabi has been celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi at home for three years.

He and his family members offer special pujas daily to the idol for five days according to Hindu rituals and finally immerse it in a well after the completion of religious formalities.

While doing pujas, he offers special sweet dishes, especially Modaka, and fruits believing that he satisfies Lord Ganesh with dishes he likes.

“The concept of Hinduism, Islam and other religions is one and the same. We are like our own brothers and must respect our religious celebrations. I have been installing the idol of Ganesh in my home for three years. I just want to convey a message to those who try to create differences between Hindus and Muslims,” Mr Nabi said and added that humanity comes first.

Mr. Nabi’s decision to install the idol of Ganesh has been well received by his friends who appreciate his efforts to build unity and brotherhood with people of other religions.

“The number of people like Mr. Nabi is expected to increase in the country. We are proud to hear that he installed Ganesh idols and performed pujas. He is the best example of how people in India live by respecting each other’s religious feelings,” said Sharanu Gadduge, an activist.