NASA’s Martian Perseverance Rover captures demonstrations of the small Martian moon on film

NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover records time-lapse film of a slightly cloudy Martian sky when it accidentally captures the smaller of the Deimos, two satellites of the Red Planet that glisten above in the dim light of Mars. low.

The Patience Team made a short film of the Mars sky from a series of photos of the Mars rover and posted the video on Twitter to the rover’s own Twitter account. NASAPerse..

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The Mars rover, which landed on Mars earlier this year, has just started work to be sent to Mars. In the region of Mars, once believed to contain primitive lakes that dried up billions of years ago, we are finally collecting soil samples and looking for signs of ancient life.

Like its cousin NASA Mars Curiosity Rover, Perseverance is particularly good at social networks – more precisely, their team back at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory – hence a new rover on Mars via Twitter. Getting new posts from a scientific point of view. A long-term predictable tradition.

Analysis: Science is much more “Uh, you see it …” than “Eureka!” “.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen Phobos, Deimos’ moon or his brother, from the surface of Mars, but the recent time-lapse movies of Perseverance are when you don’t expect it, or look for it. Sometimes the best science reminds us that this usually happens entirely for something else.

Some of the greatest scientific discoveries, such as penicillin, saw or noticed something that someone did not try to find, but followed the curiosity of important discoveries or was known from new perspectives. It happened because he showed me something.

So finding Jezero Crater demos and capturing them on film isn’t new, but it’s impressive that we all love science, especially space science, in the first place.

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