National Sleeping Head Day 2022: History, Meaning and Activities

National Sleeping Head Day is celebrated on July 27 every year and it is an original medieval Finnish tradition that is still followed today with the aim of washing away the evil of laziness.

In the modern world the day tries to convey the message to people to go to bed early because it is the only solution to get rid of your laziness and it is a very old tradition but today it is also a proven fact by science.

Event National Sleeping Head Day
Date July 27, 2022
Day Wednesday
Importance a feast intended to purge us of the evils of indolence
Observed by Finland


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It is a very old Finnish tradition dating back to 250 AD and there is also an interesting story behind the origins of this tradition.

It is believed that around this time, during the reign of King Decius, seven people escaped to the outskirts of the city of Ephesus while fleeing pursuit. They hid in a cave and fell asleep when the king discovered it, he ordered the cave to be sealed and when after 200 years when the cave was opened, these seven men were still sleeping. So it is a very popular legend behind.

And only since ancient times it was believed that a person who went to bed late at night would have a very unproductive day and therefore whoever finally woke up in the house was considered the laziest person in the house. They have often been picked up with a little water in the past.


In today’s busy world, we often see people complaining about their lack of activity and laziness. Well, one of the major reasons behind it is lack of sleep because in this tech world people often ignore their sleep time and some of them barely sleep around 3-4 hours.

Well, it is a very simple fact that science also states that a lack of sleep is never good for health, a person at least needs about 7-8 hours of sleep a day. And because of this lack of sleep, only most people today show traits of laziness and boredom.

The solution is simple for this because you only need to go to bed early so that you can also wake up early to go to your world. The message is quite simple but people still do not understand it and that is why this National Sleepy Head Day is observed in order to raise awareness.


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As mentioned earlier in Finland on this day in many places if you are the last to wake up in your house you will encounter a splash of water so if you want to avoid this embarrassment go to bed early before that day there so you can be waking up early.

In other parts of the world or in Finland you might not have to worry about splashing water, but don’t take it as an excuse to be lazy and try to go to bed early at least once. times that day and see how you feel the next day if you see an improvement in your activity, you will automatically realize the importance of sleep.

And even after you wake up, don’t just stick to your cell phone being lazy, rather try to be productive that day by finishing all the pending works. In fact, this is also the main motive of this day to get rid of your laziness.

And also try to spend some time outside your house on this day and you can do that by taking a walk and yes, don’t walk in a car, try to walk only on this day, it also helps to maintain your fitness physical.

National Sleepy Head Day Most Searched FAQs:

1. When is National Sleeping Head Day celebrated?

National Sleeping Head Day is celebrated annually on July 27 in Finland.

2. How can I get up early?

By going to bed early, yes the answer is that simple because it’s the only way to do it without damaging your health.

3. How to avoid laziness?

By sleeping well, resting, eating healthy and avoiding all kinds of anxiety and tension.