NCRC summons DC over deportation of minority child

The National Commission on the Rights of the Child (NRC) summoned Deputy Commissioner Attock and the principal of a private school for the expulsion of minority children because of their religion

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – October 31, 2022): The National Commission for the Rights of the Child (NCRC) has summoned the Deputy Commissioner Offensive and the director of a private company school on the expulsion of minority children according to their religion.

The Commission conducted a audience in the exercise of its quasi-judicial powers under section 15 of the National Commission for the Rights of the Child Act, 2017. The complainant alleged that the administration of the school violated Article 25 (2) of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan1973 by withdrawing admissions from students on the basis of their religion.

The audience was chaired by NCRC President Afshan Tehseen in the presence of everything the members of the Commission.

The Assistant Commissioner appeared on behalf of the Deputy Commissioner Offensive and informed of the visit at the school, consulted the parents of the pupils concerned to inquire at length about the matter. He further informed that the school administration has reinstated the students’ admission along with a three-month waiver of their fees. Conversely, the director of the private school admitted the expulsion of the students and assured the commission to restore the admissions of the students concerned as well as a three-month exemption from fees and measures for their social protection, a said in a press release posted here on Monday.

While relying on school education department Lahore‘s notices relating to private schools, the Board ordered the Deputy Commissioner to grant a hearing to everything parties and facilitate an amicable settlement resolution of the case within two weeks without compromising the right to education and the protection of children. The Commission further directs to report on the status of the private school complaint handling system in this regard. A detailed response was also submitted by the principal of the private school and the deputy commissioner.

The NCRC is an autonomous child rights institution established under the NCRC Act 2017 promote and protect the rights of children in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan and the The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Commission is a quasi-judicial body that deals with individual complaints.