Opinions of our readers 23 August 2021

Taliban make clear their intentions

While reports of 150 Indians intercepted on their way to the airport by the Taliban triggered fear and anxiety are indisputable, it has revealed the truth that not only the moderate Taliban are a ‘smokescreen’, but also far. In fact, interrogation of the abducted Indians made it clear that Indians are no longer wanted there even as the countdown begins to implement Shariat earlier in Afghanistan by rejecting democracy once and for all. There is no doubt that with the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan and the takeover of the country, life is going to be extremely difficult not only for Afghans but also for foreign nationals.

KR Srinivasan, Secunderabad


About 150 evacuated Indians, en route to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, received a brutal shock when the Taliban took them to an unknown location for questioning before being allowed to continue. The incident came hours after an Indian Air Force transport plane evacuated 85 other Indian nationals from Kabul and transported them to Tajikistan. The Pentagon has revealed that the Taliban brutalized some of the American evacuees on their way to the airport. The use of force by the Taliban can only earn it more adversaries and cause it trouble.

NJ Ravi Chander, Bangalore


The world views developments in Afghanistan with some trepidation. Religious fundamentalists become more dangerous when they come to exercise political power or rule a country. The scourge of fundamentalism, however, is not unique to one religion. This is something that afflicts almost all religions. We must oppose fundamentalism of all religions in equal measure.

G David Milton, Maruthancode (TN)

It’s time to show our values, our ethics

Gujarat MP CM Nitin Patel openly said at a rally in Godhra last week that we Indians must preserve our ancient culture and traditions so that we can show the world that our nation is one. excellent example of peace. -living nation. His lyrics haven’t gone so viral in recent days, but everything he touched on in his speech is a very serious issue in terms of our culture, tradition and Hindu Dharma. The current government of the Center is not the favorite of many intellectuals as well as supporters of nehruism. These intellectuals are practicing secularism just to attack the Center under any pretext, but the point is that our culture and our Dharma need more attention now and in the future.

Sharadchandran S, New Delhi

Muslims also need improvement in TS

TS Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao launched Dalit Bandhu to empower the Dalit community, one of the backward and repressed communities. The Muslim community is also backward and, in fact, more backward than the SC / ST communities. This was stated by the Sudhir Commission set up by the Telangana government in 2015. The Commission had recommended 12 percent reservation or a minimum of 9 percent to the community in the social and educational sectors. He also said that 85% of Muslims in the state were backward and made 12 recommendations to uplift the Muslim community which constitutes nearly 14% of the Telangana population. If it is not programs like Dalit Bandhu, the government should at least fund programs that were started earlier and give Waqf board legal status to protect properties worth several. thousands of crores across the Telangana.

Aatir Mirza, Hyderabad

A welcome offer to resolve disputes

The establishment of an International Arbitration and Mediation Center to resolve legal disputes is a welcome initiative, but the goal of governments should be to locate the root cause of such disputes and hush up the same in the l Egg in Taking Corrective Action (Costly and Long Litigation, CJI Ramana Encourages Arbitration, Aug 21). In any case, the increasing number of disputes is not a good development for which our governments, society and the education system must take responsibility.

Kshirasagara Balaji Rao, Hyderabad

UN should start talks with Taliban

A United Nations committee should immediately engage in a peace dialogue with the Taliban and also monitor the evacuation of foreign nationals. The Taliban can take care of the defense of Afghanistan, but not of the administration. He cannot engage in senseless murders of any national. If they don’t like strangers, let them help evacuate strangers. Why the devilish killings? That the UN draw up a peace and development plan with a deadline for a stable Afghanistan. He is also expected to monitor and advise the Afghan administration via the Internet and video conferences.

Nivriti Sreelekha PS, Secunderabad