Opt for heritage and chic this festive season with world-famous and coveted luxury jewelry brands Amrapali Jewels and Legend Amrapali.

Luxurious jewelry from the house of Amrapali is fashioned in elegant components personifying the heritage of India with a modern eclectic touch. Amrapali is the finest reflection of India’s unrivaled jewelry traditions and extraordinary craftsmanship, making it the perfect jewelry choice for the Diwali holiday season.

Renowned for its iconic pieces and rare craftsmanship, Amrapali Jewels harmonizes classical tradition with modern interpretations of ancient aesthetics and techniques. Each piece is created with intricate and authentic details, using techniques that are thousands of years old. These ancient methods work wonderfully with Amrapali’s modern approach to tradition, creating unique pieces for collections like no other. Amrapali’s collections include beautiful pieces crafted with rare diamonds, gold and gemstones such as sapphires, rubies and emerald by merging traditional Indian techniques with an elegant Western touch of minimalism.

The designs of Legend Amrapali have a much more modern feel while remaining true to the rich culture and traditions of India. Each Legend piece is created with intricate authentic details and is masterfully handcrafted. With breathtaking 18k yellow gold pieces, bold bold sterling silver and spectacular diamond jewelry, the marriage of modern sophistication and deep, rich Indian heritage creates the perfect pieces. to adorn every day.

So this holiday season embrace traditional Indian craftsmanship with a modern twist and adorn yourself and your loved ones with exquisite jewelry from Amrapali Jewels and Legend Amrapali.

About Amrapali jewelry

Amrapali is a world famous, respected and coveted luxury jewelry brand. It was founded in 1978 by Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera in Jaipur. Amrapali designs, produces and distributes tribal, fine and rough gemstone jewelry. The brand has stores in India and London. The brand also operates an Indian jewelry museum in Jaipur.

About the legend Amrapali

Legend Amrapali is a subsidiary of the jewelry brand Amrapali Jewels launched digitally in 2021. Legend Amrapali jewelry is made in Jaipur, the brand’s hometown. The brand offers free shipping worldwide.