PENTAGRAM (aka MEZARKABUL) release Makina Elektrika album; “Damn The War” Lyric Video Streaming

Pentagram (aka Mezarkabul) has released their new album, Makina Elektrika (Sony Music), available via Spotify and Apple Music. A lyric video for the single, “Damn The War”, can be found below.

Pentagram is a heavy metal band from Istanbul, performing since 1987. After several lineup changes over the decades, the band reunited with all former members for their continued stance against fascism, with music as their weapon. The reunion was to be exclusively for an acoustic album, live tour and concert video to celebrate Pentagram’s 30th anniversary, in 2017. However, the healing outcome of this reunion prompted the band to record their 8th studio album, Makina Elektrika, as a 9-piece band, with four lead vocals.

A mixture of Anatolian music and heavy metal, the album consists of English and Turkish lyrical songs and an instrumental track.

All songs were written by Pentagram, except for two cover tributes; “Dunya” by Yavuz Cetin (a fellow musician who died in 2001) and “Seek and Destroy” by Metallica, in memory of Cliff Burton.

Makina Elektrika track list:

“Bu Duzen Yikilsin / Bringing down the system” (voc. Ogün, Murat, Gokalp)
“On / Castle Made Of Sand” (voc. Ogün, Murat, Gokalp)
“Pride” (voc. Ogün, Murat, Gokalp)
“Revenant” (voc. Gokalp)
“Sensiz / Without You” (voc. Hakan)
“Maymunlar Gezegeni / Planet of the Apes” (voc. Ogun)
“Damn The War” (voc. Ogün, Murat, Gokalp) feat. Cahit Berkay
“Dunya/Earth” (instrumental)
“Odenmez/Inestimable” (voc. Murat) feat. Erkan Ogur
“Search and Destroy” (voc. Ogün, Murat, Gokalp)

“Damn The War” Lyric Video:

“After the Turkish military coup in 1980, we were misfit children in an authoritarian environment. Music reached out to us and offered us the freedom to express our frustration in a civilized way. We have always admired great legends and aspired to be like them. Becoming a band was our main goal. We aspired to become good musicians and belong in the music scene we love. We have been ever since. Fortunately, we endured long enough to seeing our work relate to a younger generation and feel like a link in the chain that binds us. Our style is mostly identified with its blend of Anatolian music and heavy metal. The next album is about our generation still living under the shadow of the guns. We reunited with all the former members for our last stand against fascism, with music as our only weapon. The songs on the album are monuments of faith, of grace. titude, passion, vanity, failure, acceptance and regret in life. We had the chance to present a timeless master, Erkan Ogur on ‘fretless baritone guitar’ and ‘kopuz’; with Cahit Berkay from the legendary Mogollar, playing the ‘yaylı tambur’. Music is a language, magically native to everyone. The oldest tradition in the world and a loyal companion in everyone’s personal struggle. It unites us in shared feelings and vision. We are attached to this tradition because we trust in its virtue which sustains our grip on life. Plus, it’s so much fun, which makes it more compelling than anything.” – Tarkan Gozubuyuk, Bassist, Pentagram

“It’s a very unique experience, really. Think about it, a 30-year-old heavy metal band getting all of their members together on a ‘best of’ acoustic album in 2017. On top of that, a tour with 9 people on stage for 5 years and collaborate on a new album with all 9 members. Honestly, I believe that Makina Elektrika is the most collaborative work I have done in my life, considering that 9 members create together! I would also like to note that the most of the members have had very successful solo careers in performing, producing, filmmaking and in celebrity circles over the past few years. Now when we’re on the bus or backstage, in the studio or on stage, we all let go of our last names and find an environment to express our individualities freely, like we did decades ago when we were in our twenties. I think that’s the magic of this brotherhood that makes P entagram what it is, and this new album is flooded with emotion, talent, experience, mastery and love.” – Demir Demirkan, guitarist, Pentagram

In 1987, when there was not much talk of metal music in Turkey, two childhood friends, Hakan Utangaç (guitar, vocals) and Cenk Ünnü (drums) came together to name themselves Pentagram. When Tarkan Gözübüyük joined on bass later that year, the core of this legendary band formed in Istanbul.

Within three years they gained notice with a string of performances and signed with Nepa Music (which had been sued by the government for releasing Kurdish music) for their debut. This self-titled album, heavily supported by the Turkish metal scene, quickly became a local trend with extensive media coverage and performances on national television. It was already clear that Pentagram would become one of the go-to metal bands in Turkey for their developing ensemble influenced by 80s progressive rock and metal.

Pentagram recorded the album Trail Blazer in 1992 with Demir Demirkan on guitar and Ogun Sanlısoy on vocals. Germany’s Nuclear Blast took a chance on the record and extended their reach to European headbangers. In 1995, Murat İlkan replaced Ogün as lead vocalist.

In 1997, their signature touch, mixing heavy metal and Anatolian and Mesopotamian musical heritage, reached a point of maturity on the album Anatolia. Released by Raks Music, the most important local label of its time, the album was well received by fans from a wider circle than just metal enthusiasts and was adopted in fifty-two countries on five continents after Century Media of Germany has cleared it for international distribution. Pentagram released their 10th anniversary live album/video, Popçular Dışarı, on both CD and VHS.

After the success of Anatolia, Pentagram were no longer just a local scene favorite, but an internationally acclaimed metal band. They became known as Mezarkabul outside Turkey and were signed to Sanctuary Records. The albums Unspoken (2001) and Bir (2002) were recorded at Sierra Studios in Athens.

Between 2003 and 2006, Pentagram went on hiatus, but when Sony Music Turkey decided to compile their full catalog, the band started again with a new release. They released an iconic live album/video entitled 1987, marking their 20th anniversary, on CD and DVD before returning to the studio and making the MMXII record in 2012 with Gökalp Ergen on vocals and Metin Türkcan on guitar. This album was named album of the year by Headbang readers. Two years later, an album with live performances titled MMXIV was released.

In 2017, the band reunited with their former members (Demir Demirkan, Ogün Sanlısoy and Murat İlkan, who are living legends in their own right) to celebrate a 30th anniversary and released the album “Akustik”, which contained unplugged versions of their classic. Songs. The group also shared a documentary on YouTube titled 30 Years of Stories, which includes early archive footage and exclusive interviews.

After a successful tour and the live album/video “Akusik Konser”, Pentagram played more than 100 electric shows in Turkey and Europe with a chronological set list, featuring each singer singing their own era, then all went on stage together for an epilogue. This gathering prompted them to record their 8th studio album, Makina Elektrika, “as a 9-piece band with 4 lead vocals.

Pentagram has been a “metal music performer” for many years and has opened legends such as Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Accept, Manowar, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Queensryche, Guns N’ Roses, Alice in Chains and Rammstein to local and international scenes. Sharing musical and lyrical ideas for 35 years, the band hold their ground with a fanbase of all ages and walks of life.

Current range of Pentagram:

Gökalp Ergen (voice)
Murat Ilkan (voice)
Ogun Sanlisoy (voice)
Hakan Utangaç (vocals, guitar)
Demir Demirkan (guitar)
Metin Turkcan (guitar)
Tarkan Gözübüyük (bass)
Cenk Ünnü (drums)
Ozan Tugen (keyboard)