Pfizer CEO fell ill with Covid-19 after four vaccinations

Albert Burla fell ill with coronavirus after four vaccinations. Photo: Ferra

Head of the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer Albert Burla was infected with the coronavirus. Vin gave four vaccinations with her formula.

She feels well and has mild symptoms, wrote wine on Twitter.

“I want to inform you that I have a positive result for Covid-19”, wrote the CEO.

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He was confident he would recover soon and thanked his colleagues at Pfizer who worked to make vaccines and treatments available.

“I am isolated and have started a Paxlovid course,” Burla said.

In Ukraine, its progress is slightly recorded, but the number of coronavirus cases is increasing.

Citizens should review their vaccination status and get a shot they missed or a booster shot, health minister says Victor Liashko.

The World Health Organization has called on all countries to reinstate quarantine rules due to Covid-19, including reinstating the mask regime and testing. The death rate has started to rise again and the pandemic will not end. The number of diseases is increasing due to the Omicron strain.