Posters criticize AMU VC for expressing condolences on death of former CM | Latest India News

Agra: Posters against the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Professor Tariq Mansoor, for expressing their condolences on the death of the former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Kalyan Singh, appeared on the university campus, urging the state government to warn against strict measures against those who “” think Talibani “after examining the case.

The posters, which appeared Monday evening, were then removed from campus and strict vigilance was maintained to ensure they did not reappear, said a university official familiar with the matter.

“Around 10 pm Monday, a few posters were found stuck on the notice board near the premises of the mosque on the university campus. Posters were found lying on the ground. These posters have been removed. A search was also carried out to find similar posters elsewhere on the campus, but nothing was found, said Professor Wasim Ali, overseer of the Muslim University of Aligarh.

“A team led by two assistant supervisors kept watch and no posters were found after that. These posters were in English but unsigned. No individual or collective responsibility towards them. We have opened an investigation into the matter, ”Ali added.

According to the official cited above, the posters claimed that the VC had hurt religious feelings by supporting the death of Singh, who was the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh when the Babri Mosque was demolished on December 6, 1992. Singh had resigned the same evening.

The former chief minister died in Lucknow on Saturday after a long illness.

A poster said that Mansoor’s words for Singh’s passing were “not only a matter of shame, but also hurt the religious feelings of our community as they are unethical, cultural and traditionally unethical. UMA ”. He then blamed Singh for the “demolition of Babri Masjid”. The posters were attributed to “Students of Aligarh Muslim University”.

Noting the developments, State Minister Mohsin Raza said the VC acted according to “our culture” and that the posters were an attempt to vitiate the atmosphere.

“If some people from Talibani soch (thinking) are there, we will also treat them accordingly,” he said, adding that the matter would be investigated and strict measures would be taken to give example to others.

“It’s a Hindustan university. The Taliban (the Afghan militia) are not there. It is an attempt to vitiate the atmosphere, ”added Minister of State for Minority Welfare Muslim Waqf and Haj.

In its message of condolences, the VC said on Sunday: “Shri Kalyan Singh has played an important role in the public life of the country and the development of Uttar Pradesh. May her soul rest in peace and may Almighty God give comfort and strength to her family to bear this great loss. “

Singh was among 32 people, along with BJP veterans LK Advani and MM Joshi, who were acquitted by a special IWC court in the Babri demolition case in September last year.

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