Ridiculous Lawsuit Against East Penn Over Black Lives Matter Lessons | Turkeys & Trophies


It’s hard to argue against the value of teaching high school students the history of systematic racism in America, right? This is not the case for Maureen and Christopher Brophy. These Macungie parents have sued the East Penn School District, claiming that lessons about the Black Lives Matter movement, and particularly systematic racism, have no place in the classroom. They say these lessons violate their beliefs as Christians. Huh? It is difficult for us to imagine that Jesus separates his flock by race or tolerates such practices. We thought Christians believed in loving each other regardless of race. Apparently, the religion of the Brophys is different from what we have come to understand as Christianity. Now East Penn School District taxpayers must pay the school district lawyer to defend the district against this frivolous and ridiculous lawsuit.


the Easton Area School District Authority had a lot to do this year figuring out how to teach his students during a global pandemic. Faced with a mandate to maintain social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, it would have been understandable to simply cancel graduation. After hearing comments from the elderly, the administrators decided to give them the safest ceremony possible without putting people in danger. They brought back the popular car parade from last year and added a walk in the past through the high school and a graduation reunion on the turf field. Parents had to stay in their cars, but they could watch the turf events on a big screen. Superintendent David Piperato noted that high school principal Kyle Geiger probably put more effort into the parade / field ceremony than he would have for a typical ceremony at the Stabler Arena. We agree. Seniors didn’t get a typical degree, but they did get something they’ll never forget. Neither can the Easton area community.

The safety of firearms is an important and serious matter, and we applaud the Upper Mount Bethel Township Supervisors for taking residents’ complaints about this problem seriously. We recognize that all Americans have the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment. This includes the right to shoot at targets if shooting is done safely and at a reasonable distance from spectators. But when a resident shows up to a township meeting with bullets he picked up in his yard, supervisors are right to consider whether the township needs an order restricting the unloading of firearms. We also applaud the decision to take a break before quickly passing an order that is too restrictive or too lenient. It’s important to weigh all sides and conduct sufficient research before deciding which restrictions best fit this rural but growing township.

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