Right-wing parties pushing Hindutva in the name of good governance: Prakash Ambedkar

The biggest challenge facing India is the “concerted attempt” by the ruling right-wing political parties to convert the secular nation into a religious nation based on partisanship and irrational beliefs, said Vanchit Chairman Bahujan Aghadi ( VBA), Prakash Ambedkar. Right-wing parties are pushing Hindutva in the name of good governance, Ambedkar said.

Prakash, the grandson of Dr BR Ambedkar, said The Indian Express on the eve of Republic Day that he was anguished over the redefinition of “Hindutva” to propagate a new vision of “nationalism”.

“There have been two currents since the creation of the nation. One who pursues the Vedic religion. The other continues the holy tradition. However, Vedic rituals have always been associated with higher castes. While the reforms introduced by the saints saw a large following among Dalits, tribals and a section within the OBCs. Now the conflict between these two streams to gain supremacy (continues),” Ambedkar said.

“In the name of good governance, the Center is pushing its own Hindutva which is neither inclusive nor based on equality. These are traits that are progressively threatening the basic socio-political structure. The BJP government is endangering the secular and spiritual ethics of the country under the guise of a newly defined nationalism,” Ambedkar said.

Society, already fragmented along caste and class lines, would be further divided, Ambedkar fears. “It harms the secular fabric of the nation. It also threatens the Indian Constitution, both in letter and in spirit,” he said.

“In the past, there may have been weak governments at the helm. But no one has tinkered with secularism. No one imposed religious practices,” he added.

The VBA chief said India’s strength is its plurality and diversity. The BJP and the Center seem to dangerously impose their agenda on the people and this is detrimental to the society and the nation, he said.