“Stop using human rights to justify meddling in China’s affairs”

UN Human Rights Council meets in Geneva / People’s Vision

UN Human Rights Council meets in Geneva / People’s Vision

Human rights should not be used as a pretext to attack China, a group of 65 countries told the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

The group of countries, which was not named in the statement, said criticizing China’s actions in Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang amounted to unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country.

“We oppose the politicization of human rights and double standards. We also oppose baseless allegations against China on political grounds and based on disinformation, and interference in China’s internal affairs. China under the pretext of human rights, “reads a statement by Pakistan’s representative to the Council on behalf of all signatories.


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Countries like the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom have taken an increasingly hard line on China, imposing sanctions on organizations and officials accused of facilitating human rights violations in the Xinjiang region. . China says the measures are unjustified and that the allegations of forced labor, arbitrary imprisonment and even genocide of the Uighur people are based on disinformation.

Instead, policies in the region, as well as reforms to the electoral system in Hong Kong, are designed to protect the security and economic livelihoods of the people, Beijing said.

The 65-member UN group said it supports China’s position.

“We maintain that all parties should (…) respect the right of the people of each state to independently choose the path of human rights development in accordance with their national conditions, and treat all human rights with the same emphasis.” – read in the press release.


Belarusian representative to the UNHRC, Yury Ambrazevich, told CGTN that he fully supports China’s policy.

“This is the call to the international community to respect the sovereignty of China, the call to respect international law and the United Nations Charter, and to respect the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of China. China, ”he said.

The representative of Venezuela also said that he supported the declaration: “Every country has the right to protect its national security through legislation. Venezuela calls on all States to defend and maintain the path of multilateralism, solidarity and collaboration and to promote and protect human rights. through constructive dialogue and cooperation, ”he said.

China’s own Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Chen Xu, issued a separate statement on behalf of 20 countries, including Russia, Iran, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe, criticizing attempts to impose a concept unique human rights.

“Turning a blind eye to their own human rights problems, some countries, for political purposes, continue to interfere in the internal affairs of others under the pretext of human rights, with the aim of imposing their own values ​​on others”, Chen said. .

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