Sulli Deals group abused 30 Twitter pseudonyms to target Muslim women: police

Ongoing investigation into “Sulli Deals” case has revealed that around 30 Twitter accounts were misused to upload transformed photos of Muslim women for their alleged “auction”, Delhi police said on Monday. .

Delhi police are trying to identify members of the group which also included 26-year-old Indore Aumkareshwar Thakur, an official said.

They said Thakur deleted content from his laptop, and that his laptop and phones, as well as those of Niraj Bishnoi, the creator of the “Bulli Bai” app and earlier arrested by Delhi Police ‘Assam, were sent to the National Forensic Science Lab. to know their content and access details.

While awaiting the forensic lab report, police are trying to identify other members of the group who are abusing Twitter pseudonyms, they said.

Defendant Thakur, who is believed to be the creator of the derogatory app targeting Muslim women, from Indore in Madhya Pradesh was arrested on Saturday evening, they said.

Interrogation of Thakur revealed that he was an “introvert” who ran his own web design business with clients even from the United States.

When his father was questioned, he told investigators they were unaware Thakur slept all day and worked nights, a senior police officer said.

He said that when asked by his parents about his habit of staying awake all night, he told them that due to the time difference between India and the United States, he had to work mostly all night long. night, so they never doubted Thakur, the officer said.

Even though Thakur and Bishnoi don’t seem to regret their activities, Thakur lamented that his family had to face problems because of him, they said.

The defendants were part of a traditional group where discussions took place over ancient tradition, the rise and fall of Hinduism, police said.

When they felt there was nothing they could do to stop the fall of Hinduism, they created various anonymous handles on Twitter and used a Virtual Private Number (VPN) to use the internet to conceal their identity.

Police suspect that at least three to five people were misusing these multiple Twitter IDs to display these distorted and objectionable photos and exchange other comments through the so-called “Sulli Deals” app.

Thakur, who did his BCA at IPS Academy in Indore and resides there in New York, was arrested on Saturday, days after arrests were made in connection with a similar ‘Bulli Bai’ app.

This is the first arrest in the Sulli Deals app case recorded in July, police said, adding that Thakur was taken into custody for four days by the court on Sunday.

Hundreds of Muslim women have been auctioned off on the mobile app with photographs obtained without permission and doctored.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (IFSO) KPS Malhotra had said during preliminary questioning the accused admitted he was a member of a group on Twitter where the idea of ​​defaming and trolling Muslim women was shared .

“He had developed the code on GitHub. Access to GitHub was with all members of the group. He had shared the application on his Twitter account. Photos of Muslim women were uploaded by members of the group,” said the officer. .

The investigation revealed that the accused joined the group on Twitter as ” ” Tradmahasabha ” ” in January 2020 using the handle @gangescion.

During various panel discussions, members had spoken of trolling Muslim women, police said.

“He admitted that he developed the code / app on GitHub. He admitted that he created the Sullideals app and that the necessary digital fingerprints in his laptop and in cyberspace are being probed. After the outcry over the Sulli Deals app, he removed all of his social media fingerprints, ”the DCP said.

When questioning the accused Niraj Bishnoi (21), who is said to be the creator and alleged mastermind of the ‘Bulli Bai’ app, it emerged that he used to interact with various virtual identities on social networks and engage in group discussions. , the police had said.

Bishnoi, who was arrested in Assam, had revealed he was in contact with the person behind the Twitter handle @sullideals, the alleged creator of the ‘Sulli Deals’ app hosted on GitHub in July of last year , they had declared.

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