Technology for the good of humanity, it should not shape us: Ram Madhav

With the growth of technology beyond ‘red lines’ there must be intervention to contain it for the longer term good of humanity and today India can play this role for the world, RSS leader and Indian Foundation board member, Ram Madhav, said Sunday.

Madhav, during the closing session of the three-day Conclave of Indian Ideas, said that the topic of the conference – Meta 2.0 – was chosen to change the discourse and ensure that a debate that is not religion or who would go to heaven or hell is changed to in order to ensure that India does not miss out on another era of technology like it did in the past.

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“Some people have to go through hell. Hitler cannot go to heaven no matter what religion he follows,” he said, adding that everyone must accept the religion of the other.

Madhav said technology has more intelligence than humans but it has no heart and human intervention is needed. He pointed out that philosophers have always stepped in when human history takes different turns to shape “religions and politics” better.

“We created the technology, but today we are afraid that this technology can shape us… we know it has to be contained… we have to create an institution or a structure to make sure that the technology does not shape us… and cross the red lines,” Madhav said, addressing the conclave organized by India Foundation, a think tank working closely with the BJP and RSS.

“While no religion is against technology,” he said, India will need “out-of-the-box thinking” to overcome the challenges posed by the new kind of disruptive transformation that will occur in the world. years to come.

RSS Joint Secretary General CR Mukunda said technology that can be added to the sense of balance or dharma that India has followed since ancient times can make the nation play a key role in the time to come.

“In this Meta era, as a society, we have a responsibility to bring smart people into the system where they can become a force and their creativity can be used,” he said. According to him, while the world is going through a period of turmoil, dharma – which is followed by India – can give the right message to the world.

“Technology can wreak havoc and weapons can destroy mankind…the dynamic balance has kept our ancient society stable. The middle way shown by Lord Buddha, coupled with this technological might will play a big part in the decades to come,” he said.