Tee Mamou and Iota Folklife Festival full of fun and mischief

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – One of the most traditional Mardi Gras celebrations is the Tee Mamou Mardi Gras celebration. They have a chicken coop, lots of dancing and all kinds of gastronomic delights.

But, phew, baby. These Mardi Gras-ers from Tee Mamou – they are one of a kind.

And you have to be on your guard because you can’t trust them!

So once a year these mysterious creatures break the morning calm and ride across the countryside, demanding reparations for the okra.

And they sing their old Mardi Gras song to show they really mean it.

But then everyone is grateful they’re not a chicken as the spooky Mardi Gras-ers race to see who can catch a chicken.

And then they start again.

All the while, they’re doing stupid things, like untying people’s shoes.

Opening cars that don’t belong to them.

And even, what? Trying to take that reporter’s tripod?

And after wreaking havoc, before you know it, they’re on their way to their next stop.

And once you’re all exhausted, you can join everyone in Iota where you can eat and dance…and eat and dance…and then eat and dance some more.

And then, one of the favorite parts…the little Mardi Gras-ers, where they get training in how to beg.

Because someone has to carry on the tradition.

And a Happy Mardi Gras to all, to all.

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