Telangana IPS agent Praveen Kumar voluntarily retires

Kumar, who still had six years of service, sent his request to Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar.

“After 26 years of service to the Fatherland as an IPS officer, today I requested a voluntary retirement to pursue my passion for social justice and equality more vigorously at my own pace. Thank you all to have been by my side throughout my career, ”Praveen Kumar tweeted.

In a letter to everyone, Kumar said he shared his decision with a heavy heart and joy at the same time.

“It was not easy to come to this life-changing decision, given my humble beginnings and the arduous journey to become an IPS officer. However, the sheer thrill of following my passion helped me overcome this uncertainty, ”he said.

The IPS officer said he would use the rest of his life to fulfill the unfulfilled dreams of Social Justice Deans, couple Mahatma Phule, BR Ambedkar, Manyawar Shri Kanshiram and many other torchbearers across the country .

“I sincerely ask you and all of you to bless me and guide me as I begin this new phase of my journey,” he added.

Born in a remote village near the Nallamalla forest in the district of Mahabubnagar (now Jogulamba Gadwal district) on November 23, 1967, Kumar belonged to the IPS batch of 1995. He holds a master’s degree in public administration from the ‘Harvard University and was an Edward S Mason Fellow.

He thanked his parents, relatives, teachers, friends, colleagues, students, representatives of the public, the media, NGOs and the general public for “shaping me into a responsible human being”.

Kumar said he was grateful to the governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana of old for their trust and for allowing him to serve the weak, voiceless and underserved population of the country.

TSWREIS is a company established by Telangana government in 2014 with the aim of providing quality education to needy and disadvantaged children and administering various schools / colleges / hostels which are operated by Telangana government.

Kumar, who has headed TSWREIS for seven years, has helped many students from marginalized sections to excel in TSWREI institutions.

Kumar was the inspiration behind 13-year-old Malavath Poorna, who became the youngest girl to climb Mount Everest. “Poorna,” a film based on the tribal girl’s accomplishments and Kumar’s efforts behind her success, was released in 2017.

In March of this year, the IPS officer landed in a row after allegedly taking an oath with a group of people that they would not follow any Hindu ritual or tradition.

A video of the official had gone viral in which he was seen swearing an oath with other people, firmly affirming their disbelief in the existence of Hindu deities and their traditions.

The oath was taken during the “holy month of Swaero” ceremony on March 15 that he launched at the famous Buddhist shrine of Dhulikatta in the district of Peddapalli.

The video sparked a huge row with several right-wing groups condemning the police chief’s action, demanding action against him.

The ‘Swaero Holy Month’, also called Bheem Deeksha, is a month-long event marked by the reading of the works of BR Ambedkar and other such activities.

The oath was inspired by the promise made by Ambedkar during his conversion to Buddhism in Nagpur in 1956.


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