Telangana’s 10th Century Jain Sculptures in a State of Abandonment – The New Indian Express

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HYDERABAD: Beautiful Jain sculptures of Lord Vardhamana Mahavira and his historically significant associate Matanga Yaksha were found buried under an anthill on the outskirts of Pullur village in Siddipet mandal, Siddipet district, by historians and archaeologists on Wednesday .

Dr E Sivanagireddy, an archaeologist and Buddhist consultant, said the sculptures were dated to the 10th century AD, representing the Vemulawada Chalukyan style. He said the sculptures were originally housed inside a dilapidated temple located on a mound known locally as “Girannadibba”.

Archaeologists and history buffs remove cultivated bushes on sculptures

Together with Kotha Telangana Charithra Brundam’s team of history buffs, he removed the bushes grown on the sculptures and educated the local community about the historical significance of the sculptures and how Jainism flourished during the early centuries. medieval and medieval periods in the Siddipet region. .

The exploration team called on the villagers to restore the temple, reinstall the Jain idols, and preserve Telangana’s Jain heritage for posterity.